Timeguard FLA01 Strip Light Adapter

24 Jun 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi. First post

I've installed a Timeguard ZV810 PIR light switch in order to control LED lights on my staircase. When in use, the LEDs flash when they should be off, but are fine when switched on either permanently or by motion.

Timeguard told me that their FLA01 would solve the problem. The wiring diagram relates to fluorescent installations, but I installed it the same way, between switched live and neutral, but the problem still remains. I'm waiting on Timeguard's advice for this. Bus as I am now 2 weeks behind due to being let down by an electrical supplier (failed to deliver after 15 days on a next day delivery! Second supplier delivered within 8 hours!) I wondered if anyone else had any advice.

The question has been raised here before (//www.diynot.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=2429121#2429121) but not with the ZV810

Also - the FLA01 delivered has no mention of Timeguard or even FLA01 on it. Could this be a substandard replacement component?
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Because the ZV810 has no Neutral connection it derives the power for its motion sensor by drawing a small current from the Neutral through the lamp. This current has to have a significant DC ( direct current ) component which the snubber cannot provide ( it can only pass AC ).

This is why there is a minimum lamp wattage specified.

The snubber mentioned works for sensors that have "leaky" electronic switches because they leak a trickle of AC current which the snubber absorbs.

For your situation the only solution if you are to retain the LED lights and the ZV810 is to fit one small non LED lamp ( with snubber ) of the minimum wattage as well as the LED lamps.

Best would be to change the sensor for one that has a mechanical relay as its switch and has a direct neutral connection to avoid the need to draw its power via the lamps.

Next best would be a battery operated sensor.
Hi. Thanks for the info. Timeguard have now replied to me saying they don't guarantee the FLA01 to work, and maybe I should include a filament bulb in serial with the snubber. It's a shame they didn't tell me this when I first spoke to them.

As installing a filament bulb seems such a retrograde step, I've ordered a different PIR instead from a different manufacturer, which was much cheaper anyway.
And does that PIR need a neutral?

If so do you have one at its location?

If not how will it work without the lights flashing?
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