Tiny flat roof pooling - acceptable?

4 Jun 2017
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United Kingdom

We had a tiny flat roof replaced, it was in a sorry state before and needed the timbers underneath replaced too. I was having other work done at the time and got the guys doing that to also do the roof.

So they have done the work but they have left a raised lip that results in the water pooling (see pics). I would have thought it not too difficult to have a run off on such a small area. The builder assures me its waterproof, which I believe and that it wont cause any issues, which I'm not sure of. Will I have any issues from the pooling?

Am I expecting too much? Would you be happy with the result or would you look at getting it corrected?

The first pic is just after it was raining but is not very easy to see, the second is sometime later where you can see how it lingers.

Before I pay them I just wanted to get your thoughts.




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I don't think it would worry me it is not lying in a corner joint, in fact as I understand it's the sun not the rain that does for felted roofs eventually the water may even help slightly;)
Is it a glassfibre roof ? Doesn't look like felt to me :unsure: anyway it's fine. A coat of black gloss on the soilpipe and new black gutter in front of the roof will make it all look excellent(y)
A pool of water on the roof will prolong the life of the roof. The flat roof we built ( Walter Segal method ) was designed to keep a pool of water to reduce the rate of change of temperature. Only problem was remember to add water in dry weather.
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i think its a epdm roof in two pieces. thats a bad design, the idea is to discharge to falls not to create a swimming pool that dry to wind an sun.
the quarter round at the gutter edge should have gon over the ege onto the fasicia above the drip piece tomake a rounded edge for the sheet material.
the far end cap is a sort ofparapet , the near end looks like a bead of mastic. thats not going to last.
what i can see of the construction is poor
Thanks for the responces
A bit of a mixed bag. Not had chance to get any more pics
It does appear to be one peice of EPDM, the ridge that looks like a join I think is from how it was folded. The ends do have some sort of parapet.
Looks a bit poor but it should be waterproof and no one will really see it, the pics are from the end of the bay in the bedroom, so I'm going to leave as is and pay them.
the front edge trim which is in two parts appears high , edge of epdm is not adhered.
ends are another trim used for the correct purpose.
it shouldn't be impossible to correct. out of sight isn't a good attitude ..
out of sight isn't a good attitude ..

Yes true, have so much else going on that i just want to put this behind me. If I have to fight to get them to corrected it I will do but if it will be fine then I can put my energy elsewhere, and at the moment there are a lot of elsewheres!

Created a onedrive folder and put a few more pics in, when I add them to a post it compresses them and you lose detail. Bit tricky as its dark and I have to hang out of a window to get these.


Seeing as it's a rubber roof - may I use a condom analogy ? It don't look pretty but it does a good job (y)

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