Toilet installed without pan connector

18 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
I'm trying to fix a leaking toilet which I think has been installed incorrectly - see pic:
The waste outlet goes directly into a soil branch connector and then horizontally along a short distance before hitting the vertical stack.
There is no pan connector but there is a rubber flange/seal which fits inside the soil branch connector and then the back of the toilet fits into this.
The rubber seal doesn't fit or seal correctly when all connected up and I don't even think this rubber seal is the right thing for the job.
What is the normal way of fitting a toilet directly to the horizontal stack? I was thinking putting a bit of 110mm pipe into the branch connector and then a straight pan connector into this. Problem here though is that the toilet would sit a few inches further away from the wall.
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You have answered your own problem.

A piece of pipe level with the out side face and a pan connector should do the trick.
No they are for fitting a flush pipe into the rear of a pan from a low/high level cistern.

Wheres the other end of that 4" waste pipe go ? not the stack end the other end.
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The other end has another toilet next door.
The cistern is already an inch away from the wall and secured using long screws with some offcut bits of 15mm push fit pipe as spacers!
If I put the pan connector on, the cistern will be 3-4 inches away from the wall.
I've just realised where the rubber seal came from, looks like it was off a pan connector and they've just stuffed it into the branch connector so they could get the bog nearer to the wall!

Fourth one down.

What is the difference between the fourth one down and the second one (with fins) ?
cut the end of the faucet off (the bit that holds the rubber ring) then very carefully clean and dry the inside of the faucet, then glue a short piece of 110mm pipe into the faucet, use plenty of glue, then put a pan connector into the 110mm pipe, solid joint and not any further out than it is now

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