Toilet seat won't stay up

na proberbly get his gonads wet doing that suey, how about getting a training potty and starting afresh, that way you dont pee on yer feet.
next you will be asking us if the bowl can go upside down to prevent skids on the sides :D :D :D
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ban-all-sheds said:
Which is likely to be easier?
Neither - almost certainly you have the wrong seat for the suite. You need one where the hinges (or hinge rod) is further forward - sometimes this means getting a shorter seat as long ones overlap the front of the pan.

If you can't find, or don't want to get, a new seat, then I think you'll be stymied, because generally there isn't room for manoeuvre between the cistern and the pan - the siphon spigot has to sit in the right place on the doughnut washer or it won't seal.

I'm sure you get what I'm trying to convey in this rushed description.

Oh b*gger - I was in such a rush that I didn't spot that you have a l/l cistern, not c/c. In which case IMHO you're better off pulling the pan forward. Raising the cistern is easier, because you won't have to alter the pan/soil connection, but if you raise the cistern first you might find that you still have to move the pan. Hmm. Tricky.
I had the same problem and I didn't know what to do. Then I remembered my army "training" and rigged it with a coat hanger.

What you do is get a metal coat hanger. Then bend and/or cut it in such a way so that one end is held down by the tank cover and the other end can be swung to grab and hold the seat. Then swung away when done. :)
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Go to the pub; not to use their bog, but to get tanked up on nasty draught lager. Then walk home, only to be busting for a pee when you put the key in the door. On entering the bathroom in a dizzy and nauseous state, give the seat / lid assembly a sharp kick with your right foot. When you wake up lying in a puddle of your own pee and vomit (that you slipped on before banging your head on the pan), all that will remain will be a few sharp bits of disintegrated toilet seat digging into your ribs, and maybe even a cracked, leaking porcelain pan. You may need to open a new post to deal with that problem.
If you can see an exposed portion of the pin that acts as the hinge for the seat and cover then I have a simple solution for you. By the way it cost me $0.62, took 5 minutes, and nobody can see the adjustment.

The seat on my toilet was falling because it was just shy of being perfectly vertical. I added a little friction to the hinge so that it stays up. As I said before I could see the metal pin that ran through the seat and cover hinge. The seat and cover have a slight amount of side to side play. I bought a #10 nylon machine screw nut and used it to eliminate the side to side movement. If you think of the nut as a piece of pie I simply used some snips to cut a piece of pie about 1/4 of the size. Then I removed the seat from the toilet (I suppose you don't need to but this gave me more room to work), took the remaining piece of the nut and pushed it onto the pin. It snapped right in place so that there is no side to side play and now the seat will stay up because the hinge is "tight".

If you can see the pin in the hinge like I can then please try this fix. Measure the space that you need to fill and find a nylon nut that will fit in snugly. By the way, there are left and right sides to the hinge, but I only put the spacer nut in one of them. I purchased my nylon nut from Home Depot for $0.62. It is 1/8" wide when viewed from the side.
A 4 year old thread?
if they've not fixed it by now they've probably moved house or replaced the seat.

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