Tracpipe run between wall and new extension

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    Need to re-route gas as part of renovation and best solution is to run tracpipe from meter to new boiler in garage, it would mean running pipe in ground (following recommendations/regs on depth/covering) through the gap pictured below which is 950 at narrowest point :


    Are there any regs falling foul of with that ? Found this in tracpipe document:


    On first paragraph guess okay given gap is 950 although do have to squeeze drainage pipe for surface water through there as well - guess not acceptable to go over top but could come off wall 250 for tracpipe, have another 250 and then lay the drainage pipe and then still have 250+ to wall although probably not foundation - not sure what regs are on the drainage pipe distances from foundations

    The second paragraph worries me although another option is to move the meter into garage which is expensive and not ideal place in the garage and the gas company were going to run down side of house at similar sort of distance looking at with proposed run and surely that must happen a lot. Presume in this case the 'under' hopefully literally means underneath

    Nothing else on the run other than further on run needs to go past manhole over sewer line (sewer line 1m down) but again should be able to keep 250 away from manhole.

    What do poeple think ? Should I be looking for another route although this gap would be the easiest run from meter to boiler (nothing else in house will be gas).

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated ,

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