Turning a bedroom into an en-suite

3 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
Looking for general advice before i start this project.

i have a small bedroom next to my bathroom which I want to turn into an en suite. I have already blocked off the old door and put in a new door leading into the master bedroom and have install an extractor fan.

I now am up to the plumbing stage where I was hoping someone could advise me on the best way to go about this.

Between the bathroom and new ensuite is a stud wall, underneath the floor of the stud wall runs the hot and cold feed into the bathroom. it runs the whole length of the wall but 3/4 way down it changes from 22mm to 15mm.

Where should i tie into this pipework? i was thinking it would be best to take the feed from the 22mm pipework, however I was wanting to do the first fix then tile the floor etc but the pipework would then need isolating (which is probably at a guess best practice to but service/isolating valves on for future maintenance)

My other option was to take the feed from underneath my existing bath (15 mm) and route the pipe under the stud wall. This would allow me to do the tie in to the mains last. However i would not be able to see the joints to test for leaks etc.

My second problem is the waste, im not too sure on the toilet waste or best way to go about it, as the back of the toilet will go against the stud wall so the waste will come in from the outside wall at a right angle to the toilet(will this be a problem?)

My third problem is could anyone advise the best way to route the pipes up the stud wall so the shower can be fitted? The shower will be suppied hot and cold with a mixer. im not sure how to the the pipe up the stud wall and back out at a right angle to feed the shower. i would imagine i will have to channel some of the wall?? Which isnt a problem as it will need tiling anyway.

Hope someone can help/advise

Thank you
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You may have already done this but if you haven't, my advice is to get building regs approval.
Yes I have got building regs approved but very good point. That is why i put the extractor in as well (which had to be certified)

I want to do most of the work myself that is why I was asking questions. As it is very easy to dive straight in and then think oh I should have done it that way etc. i dont really want to waste a tradesmans time coming to the house to give me a price etc just to get ideas off them so i can do it myself.

please re submit your questions short and simple so that someone
(less intelligent )like me can give the answers.
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best bet, IMO, is to run pipes to required positions then put isolating valves on and your ready to go!

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