Two pots of same paint - different shade?

8 Feb 2006
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United Kingdom

Painted a couple of walls in the lounge last night, i rolled from one pot and missus did the cutting in using what was left in another pot.

Got up this morning and there's a darker shade of border around the walls. Both had two coats, both pots bought same time from same store.

Had we done something wrong?
Can we fix it just by doing a third coat on the border or will it always be darker? It's a medium grey.

Thanks, Kristian
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When using more than one tin of paint it is advisable to check the batch numbers on the tins are the same. The name of the colour may be the same but manufacturing variations in colour mixing can happen making one batch slightly different from the next batch.
They also separate out in storage and transit, you need to mix thoroughly with a drill powered paddle. If you have the capacity (a scrupulosuly clean bucket), mix tha batches together then decant back to the original tins. Use a silicone spatular to get the dregs out - a messy job.

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That is so annoying.

Take the tins ,receipt,photos back to the shop and ask for a full refund but settle for another tin of paint.

Have found that shop very helpful in the past, Good luck.
If you have some more paint I would roller on another coat. paint has probably gone on a bit thicker with the brush.
what was left in another pot.

It's likely that pigment had settled to the bottom.

I've found a drill-powered stirrer best for mixing paint, but it will still settle as you use it. When you are working round the room using a brush in the same tray or tub as you roll from, it is more likely to match, but a brush will always paint thicker. I like to run the roller over the cut-in edges, which also gives a matching texture. A damp sponge will immediately remove any mistakes.
There are no batch numbers on paint, so it has to be an inconsistant mixing scenario, and/or as John suggets, brushes and rollers will always give different thicknesses (with the brush sometimes being thinner) so give one wall a third coat and make sure you uise the same tin for everything, and then see what the results are. But don't mix the two tins together, and stop using the cutting in pot.

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