UFH help - ever seen pipe like this?

5 Jan 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

I have underfloor heating that was in place when we moved in, but the pipe is like nothing ive seen (or anyone else has).

Photo is attached, its made of hard rubber and has 3 cores and where it is joined or meets a manifold it uses crimps..... the trouble is, now I need to join some of this pipe and cant find anything that will work.

Thanks for any Ideas...
pipe (2).jpg
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Thanks George,

You've depressed me ... but I think you are spot on. the description sounds like the pipe I have. Ive gone from a minor inconvenience to having a potential nightmare :)

Appreciate the fast response and you are the first person in a few months to come up with any idea

Know a guy who had that rubbish installed in the early nineties into a classy new build 5 bedroom home. Not sure how it panned out.
Just remember people talking about it and the trouble it caused.
Easy to get caught out when purchasing a new property.
And that link makes for depressing reading.
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Looks like the stuff NuHeat used to use, it's absolutely awful, sell the house before it leaks

EDIT just read the link, which at least confirms my ID skills!
I have a kee triple pipe system fitted. It has been operating since 2003 and is fine although we have been very careful not to have anything ferrous in the system and were careful not to have any of the tube under stress.

Unfortunately, it did recently spring a leak at a manifold (I think it was actually the naifold itself) and the plumber snapped a nipple (which the pipe fits onto) off the manifold whilst inspecting it.

Does anyone have any idea where I might get a 6 port manifold for this size of pipe? The triple red pipe dimensions are outer 9.5mm inner 5.6mm approx. I think the main supply to the manifold is 28mm.
As it turns out Nu Heat sell repair / conversion kits for the old Kee pipework so that it can fit onto newer manifolds. Problem solved. They were very helpful.


As regards the pipes being leaky, mine has been in since 2003 and there is no sign of any degradation, even around the manifold connections where the pipework is under most stress. Obviously there is nothing ferrous on the system and I keep the temperature down to 50C. I'm feeling a whole lot more confident about the system now. Touch wood.

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