UFH Manifold leak possible to fix?

22 Aug 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi all

Any help appreciated. Hopefully right forum/thread.
I’ve got a corroded and slow leaking join on my UFH manifold (top pipe/hot in photo). Seems like it should be a simple clean up and tighten job, but I’m not sure which nut I should be tightening or which way threaded the joining nut is. Very conscious that a twist to the wrong piece, the wrong way or with too much force could leave me with a DIY disaster on my hands.

Probably got some of the terminology wrong but hopefully you know what I mean. Looking for a steer if indeed this is something I can nip up myself.

Photo attached.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Normally it would be hold the left nut and tighten the right nut but it depends on whether it has a rubber or fibre washer in there. If it's fibre it may need replaced.
The bigger concern is the colour of the system water, which can be seen in the flow meters.
Thanks Madrab
With regards the water it’s always been like that (4/5 years) and it’s same in a manifold on another floor of the house. Must admit I’ve sometimes thought it a bit odd/might need looking at. Is it an indication of something serious or will a drain down and refill help?
Anything that is darker than a medium pee colour is potentially corrosion. You need to perform a turbidity test and see if the system water passes the test.
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And you'd need to use the valves (and connections) on the RHS of the manifold to flush out the underfloor circuits.
Ah ok. I could’ve nipped up a nut (and will do as a short term fix to the drip) but the turbidity test and flushing are well beyond my capability so will get someone in. Thank you both for responding.

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