Unable to Block Spam Emails

14 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
Over the last few days I have been receiving spam emails which I am unable to block.
My system is saying I cannot block emails sent from my own address!!!
The emails are arriving at my *****@hotmail.com inbox and are apparantly sent from my same *****@hotmail.com address.
I have checked my account and there are no suspicious emails in my 'sent' box.
How is that happening?
I've since changed my hotmail password so will see if it continues.
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Changing your password is unlikely to help. When sending an email at a program level, you can specify any sending email address. Using the same address for both the sender and recipient is a common spam technique because people are more likely to open something that looks like they sent.

Not sure about Hotmail, but both Google and Yahoo have the ability to create custom rules. You may be able to create a manual rule that moves all emails with your address as sender to Bin/Spam.
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