Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting help

13 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi there.
We are going to have our kitchen redone. I am just trying to decide which under cabinet lighting would be best.

Ideally, I would like bright LED under cabinet lighting that is switched on/off from a wall switch. I am having an electrician do all the work.

We will have trim under the wall cabinets so lighting will be concealed. There will be a gap between the lights for a cooker hood so I was wondering which lights would be best for the job and straightforward for the electrician to wire in.

Here's a rough render of wall cabinet layout for info:

Any advice greatly appreciated :)
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It seems a real shame to unimaginatively stick with the same old, tired, idea of spotlights (even with LED lamps), rather than look to take advantage of the completely different designs which LEDs allow.

For example, you can have, in effect, the entire underside of the cabinets light up:

I suggest you do a search like this:


and investigate the ideas you like the look of.

Have you decided on splashbacks yet?
Thanks for the replies.
Like the look of those light panels but can't find any UK stockists.
We are only having a splash back behind the hob. The rest will be painted wall.
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As bas says spots are a bit old hat now.
Nip in a local wholesalers, theres a lot of plug and play led now.
ranging from strips aprox 10mm round with led every 10mm or so, to flat panels aprox 300 x 100 and about 15mm thick,
They all plug together with made up leads and Most also take remote control and dimming if needed.
try the Robus website

I recently replaced the manky fluorescent tubes in my kitchen with LED tape lights glued to the bottom of the cupboard along the front edge behind the recess.

The quality of the light is actually really good. The only issue was fixing them - the 3M tape they came with was rubbish and they fell off within a few days. Tried a glue gun, also rubbish. Superglue did it in the end!
I use the self adhesive LED tape and it does a great job. It sticks ok to new cabinets, if not a small bead of silicone does the job. It gives a brilliant shadow free even light along the whole length of the cabinets.

Here's a kitchen I used it on recently.

BritsihBeef, be aware that you have a unenclosed cooker hood and if the lights are going to be switched by a single switch or two way, you will need to make provision regarding cable routing either side of the hood.
Spots may be old hat but do the job just fine. I personally don't care what they look like (I don't stick my head under the cabinets), it's the light output that matters.

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Consider a PIR so they switch on automatically at night when you enter the room with a handful of plates :)
I've got the triangle wedge style lights with 3w GX53 LED (cool white) lamps in, all fed from a single wall switch on the lighting circuit.

So with all 5 on that's only 15w. They are more than enough to 'work' in the kitchen without the main ceiling light on.

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