Kitchen under cabinet lighting.

Thanks Beelzebub666, just what i wanted to know.
I have done quite a bit of wiring in the past as part of an apprentiship to the 16th Ed. I have since taken a different path and am no longer involved in electrics, so not quite up to speed on the current regs.

I am having the kitchen re-wired by an electrician, but will wire up the under cabinet lights myself, when i fit the kitchen.

As I am interested in anything electrical and mechanical I just wondered the best way of doing it. Obviously T&E is different cable to flex and I am never a big fan of junction boxes. This is why i thought the lights I suggested may be the best way as no junction box is needed. The T&E wires straight in to a special plug for the lights.
But thanks to your response at least i now know its not such a bad idea to use a juction box if I need too.
Many thanks
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I did a job for a customer recently that involved fitting a new ceiling with downlights and two undercupboard lights - to be fitted after the kitchen was installed.

I took T&E to the wall just above where the kitchen wall units were to be placed asked the kitchen fitter to leave space (corner normally) or drill holes to run flex cable from the T&E to the undercupboard lights.

I used these to join the T&E with the flex.

Ask you spark to use them - makes IR testing much easier and will make your task simplier.
Don't worry about mr sheds, he doesn't like DIYers
Not so.

and gets kind of obsessive about T&E.
No - that's the OP.

It seemed to me that he was excessively concerned about what sort of lights he could use because he was envisaging T&E coming out of the wall. My point is that if T&E coming out of the wall is a problem to you then don't have T&E coming out of the wall.

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Thanks riveralt, that seems like just the job. and maybe a neater solution than junction boxes.

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