Uneven floor means 3/4 inch gap under door... what to do!

14 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
I've recently replaced an internal door in my flat, but owing to an uneven floor have had to plane off more from the bottom than I would have liked to enable the door to open past 110 degrees-ish. This means I can open it as far as I need to (just so it hits the furniture rather than jamming on the laminate floor) but means that when the door is closed, I have a gap of 3/4 inch at the bottom, which looks pants. Apart from levelling out the floor before I started, is there anything I could have done to avoid this? Also, I cut the door square, but only need the big clearance on the side of the door that swings open (the side under the lock) - not under the side under the hinges - if you know what I mean! Would it have been more sensible for me to have cut the bottom on a slight diagonal, making the 'swinging' side of the door shorter than the other side... or would it look worse to have a non-square door? I'm resigned to the fact that I'll probably have to buy a couple of fluffy rugs to go either side of the door, to hide the gap... or maybe just one to go under the door? Or would that just be weird? Any ideas/advice appreciated!
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Consider Rising Butt Hinges. These lift the door as it opens (intended for use with thick rugs) and also have a self-closing action. You may find you can then glue back onto the door that strip you earlier cut off (go and look in the bin now).
Assuming you're in "hide" mode, what about making and fitting a hardwood threshold under the door?

They did the diagonal cut on one of the doors where i work. VERY uneven floors, and a 3 foot 6 wide door that has to swing thru 160 degrees dont go together very well :LOL:
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