Uninstalling Mcafee

22 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
I am having a lot of trouble trying to uninstall mcafee.
Going into control panel etc. brings no response.
I have downloaded and run the mcpr removal tool twice which on each occasion told me it was successful, but its still there.
I then went into drive c on my computer program files , found mcafee products, clicked on delete and it disappeared but when I went into programs its still there.
Next went into "Hijack this", started to uninstall but then got the message:-
"Cannot delete SSScheduler.exe . Access denied. Make sure disc is not full or write protected and that file is not currently in use"
Anybody got any other suggestions please?
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You would probably have more luck finding Elvis than uninstalling Macafee, is is notoriously difficult to get rid of. As you've run the removal tool, you could always delete the Macafee Program Files folder and then run msconfig to remove any startups that now have problems. The cleanest way though is the etch-a-sketch install. (Wipe it all out and start again reinstalling the OS)
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hi i had the same problem removing another security program so i tried deleting it from the registry
go to control panel in the search bar put regedit all one word
then click on LOCAL_MACHINE the click on software scroll down till you find Macafee right click it and press delete a box will come up saying do you want to delete this and all other components click yes if you want to go ahead

Its always worked for me and lots of others that had problems taking off all the bits of programs that seem to get put all over the place.
I do not accept any responsibility if it takes off and other parts in the registary but i dont see it doing that if you only click on the one program