McAfee antivirus installation

19 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
Sorry for another problem so soon.
Since upgrading to win XP , bought McFee and installed in 'administration'mode
When I then tried to open McFee in 'Admin' mode, I got the following mesaage
'The version of security centre that is installed on your computer is designed for a different OS. If you have updated recently for example to win 2000 or win XP please un-install all McFee products, restart computer and then reinstall all the products to get the current version for your operating system'- although the cover of this product says that it is suitable for win XP.

I did uninstall and reinstalled it,but the same message appears.
However when I switched to non-admin mode, I was able to open it and it said that my computer is all protected and I do not have to do anything.

Also there is no facility to disable this software for installing other programs, in case that is needed, other than to uninstall and reinstall.

I am grateful for any advice. Thanks
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You may find McAffee forum useful Here

As far as disabling software goes there is usually an option lurking somewhere - try clicking on the taskbar icon and look through the various options
Thanks TonyWarrignton for your advice.
Will try the web site of McAfee forum
Hi TonyWarrington,
After several days and several attempts the problem was finally resolved.
At the end persistance paid dividends but it was unnecessary. It seems McAfee prefers only downloads from their site.
Thanks anyway for your help.
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