Program that will not uninstall

8 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
I've downloaded a toolbar program off the net but can't get it to work so wish to uninstall it.
The program appears in my add and remove list of programs but will not uninstall. When I click on it to remove it, it stays put whatever I do. :rolleyes:
Anybody got any ideas :confused:
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The easiest way is to do a restore, to before that install, else go to the drive probably 'C' & remove from there.
Also, which spyware, sorry, I mean toolbar application did you install?
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Hi chaps Thanks for replys

Diyisfun- restore is not a good idea for me, Tried in the past and didn't happen

Eddie - Using Windows ME, I'm not an administrater whatever that is
Igorian The spyware is Smileyworld toolbar

Kev It is not running, have checked using Cont alt delete

These blooming smilies have caused me a lot of hassle :oops:
Well, the removal instructions are here, but they are kind of strange. It looks like you need to do step 2 first, or maybe step 1, then step 2 and then step 1 again.

Have you tried any spyware software? I'm pretty sure Hijack This detects the smiley world stuff.

Didn't we warn you about this stuff before?


Igorian said:
Didn't we warn you about this stuff before?
You did but I can't resist them :oops:

I have tried step 2 which has removed the smiley object view and then tried to remove the program to no avail. :(
Any other ideas would be appreciated.
Not wanting to sound unhelpful or rude, but perhaps try emailing them

support at smileyworld dot com

It's likely that when you initially tried to uninstall it, only some of the registry keys were removed. Sometimes the uninstaller registry keys remain and lead you to believe the application is still there

If the toolbar is gone, and doesn't re-appear after a boot up, this would appear to be the case. Unless you are confident to edit the registry yourself, there are programs like Tweakui which will allow you to easily remove these items from the uninstaller list.

Have you tried a scan for spyware?
I have installed Hi Jack and scanned. It picked up Smileyworld and deleted it
I went back to ADD / remove programs and tried to delete again and guess what :evil: it is hanging on for dear life and will not go.
Thanks to everyone for your help.
ANy other ideas :oops:
click on it to find where it is, for example,

c:/thisfolder/ thatfolder/programme-you-can-not-delete.various_letters

coppy, and paste it into your search facility, (find it) then delete it
Hi-jackThis, bottom right hand corner 1st page .. - config - 2nd page -generate startup list log, do that, read through the log. ... read the help at Merijns site (HJT author) or links from there.

Start - Run - Msconfig - look at your 'start up' progs, anything relevant among the progs there ?
If so uncheck ... see what gives.

Go here :-
Download and install Registrar Lite .. this is a whizzy registry editor, use with great care ! Learn how to backup and restore your registry before playing with it !!
You gonna have to buckle down to learning how to get out of trouble before falling in ... a little like swimming !! ;)
I've done a search but its not coming up.
MSconfig shows nothing and I've downloaded regilite but don't know what to do with it.

Thanks fellas :oops:
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