Program that will not uninstall

Do you actually have the toolbar now ? or just a reference to it under ' ADD / remove programs' ?
You did reboot after using HJT ?
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Hi Pipme

I seem to have moved the toolbar off my browser by moving the buttons somehow. Having done a search it has not turned up in files or folders but is still in my add / remove programs and will not budge.
Strange one this.
Does anyone know how to check if it is running or how to find it. :confused:
If you right click on the taskbar at the bottom, then select task manager then lclick on the applications tab, you can see if the application is running. If the application is still running, take a note of the executable name, then end the process.

After that in explorer search for the offending executable, and delete it. This isn't a clean way to tidy up, as it will probably leave loads of reg keys, dcom registrations etc, but it may be better than nothing.

Good luck
Hi Eddie
How do you get the taskbar. :?:
Have tried right clicking but can't find it :oops:
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It the bar at the bottom of the screen, along side the start button
B, did you use Hijack This to delete the smileyworld reg entries? You could post the log output for us to have a look at.
BAHCO said:
I have right clicked on it but no task manager comes up :cry:

I have to confess that I am assuming that windows 98 or even ME :oops: is the same as XP, what happens if you press the ctrl alt and delete keys all at the same time ?
Hi fellas
I,m using windows ME and there is no Smileyworld working in the taskbar when I press CAD.
I have used Hijack this but am unable to post log but there is no smileyworld entry in the log.
Has this beaten us :?: :evil:
I think perhaps we now need a refresher as to what is going on. Could you post a description of what the problem is now, what you want to remove etc, I think I'm a bit lost now. No it hasn't defeated us yet :LOL: We'll 'ave it yet !
Here we go Eddie
I downloaded a smileyworld toolbar which was Sh*t so tried to remove.
Would not uninstall and have tried Spybot , Adaware and Hijack this.
I don't know if it is stll running or is still on my computer.The problem seems to be that it is still on my program list and will not uninstall.
When I try to remove, the selected line jumps to the front of the programs.
Very strange :rolleyes:
Sorry about the delay, my ADSL line dropped :?:

First of all I think we need to determine whether or not the software is still on your machine. To aid this, the hijack logs would be useful (you could just cut and paste it into a reply) A list of the processes running would be helpful, this can be obtained from the task manager. But is a bit fiddly.

If, we can determine that the software has been removed, then it may just be a case of an orphaned add/ remove program entry. This can be solved by following the link below. Note however, you MUST be careful if messing about with the registry, you can completely knacker your machine if you delete the wrong entries. That said, I've been messing about with reg settings for a good 8 years, and not managed to screw up yet.

However, we need to verify that the software has been removed first, if I recommended just following the link below without any diagnosis would not earn me any credibility in the IT community (not that I've got much anyway)

Good luck !!
Thanks for reply Eddie :)
I have been to regedit. Where is this program likely to be as there is a mountain of files etc to wade thru :eek:
Once you've fired up regedit, you need to navigate to the following reg key


Under this reg key, you need to find smileyworld

Again, I am assuming that this is the same as the Win NT variants (NT, 200 and XP) as opposed to the 9x variants (95 ,98, Me etc)

Need to ensure that the software is uninstalled firstt thou'
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