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We asked a builder to come round to us once..3 weeks later on a cold december night the door bell goes..I open it and this 'thing' is standing there..we look at each other..he says 'alright'..I say 'alright'

....more looks, long pause..

'do you want something?' I ask..

'Builder' comes the reply..

I now know who it is..but just to wind him up I said no..im a painter.

He said 'no..im a builder'

After a bit more acting datf I take him around the back of the house and show him a problem ive got with the garage..he ignores virtually every word I say..just about managing a 'yeh'...'hmmm'...'grunt'

Then come the estimate...or is it a quote..not sure..he tore the back of his fag packet off and wrote '750 cash' on it :eek:

After a couple more'pleasentries' he left...

I felt like sending him a nice response back on some dcent headed paper..

Something on the lines of...

Dear Mr.............

Further to your recent visit and with regards to your detailed quotation..

Go and **** yourself!

Your insincerely...

Beleive it or not..the guy was one of the best tradesmen in the area, excelent work etc..

But Richard Branson he aint!
as a tradesman.... traffic / job delays or other issues but i always tell my customer / or if im going to quote that i will or wont make it or running late in plenty of time.

some... say they will be there (but really they dont want the job so dont bother turning up) or they get a better quote to do for more money (putting all eggs in one basket kinda thing)

its a tough world... dont give up there are some of us good'uns left
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I have always gone out of my way for a paying customer and value my reputation. If they don't want the job then why not be up front about it.

Unprofessional ************ :evil:

BTW I am a good payer

That is why you have plenty of work whilst a lot of the cowboys and erh, east europeans are getting desperate.