Unvented cylinder install - help!

6 May 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi, Newcomer to the forum and self confessed know-nothing here. I've just had an unvented cylinder replaced - see attachment. It's for a rental property meaning I've been sorting out from afar and was assured by the plumber that he is G3 qualified, but as the conversation has developed I have become increasingly convinced that he isn't. My priority is to establish that the install is safe - if anyone knowledgeable could look at the photo and give their expert opinion I'd be very grateful. Secondly, it looks like I'll need to speak to LABC myself? Any idea what the charge for them certifying it would be? As I say, that's a secondary concern to the immediate safety of the thing.
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I don’t have my G3, so can’t answer related to that nor comment on the installation. Has the installation been notified?
Not yet - the delay in that was the thing that started me doubting his credentials.
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Thanks for having a look - if you wouldn't mind telling a particular area to get an image of I can do so.
From what we can see then everything looks to be correct, they have gone a bit press fit happy though. Where the copper pipe enters at the bottom, follow that pipework back and there should be a valve set that looks similar to this

Even if it does look ok though, it all comes down to whether they were qualified and the install is benchmarked and notified. If they are gas safe and have registered as an unvented installer or if they are part of a competent installer scheme then it would all be self certified. If they aren't then they should have told you that as it won't be cheap if you have to get the LABC to come and retrospectively approve.
Thank you Rob, given the size of the cupboard and the height of the pipe you mention above floor level I'm not sure where would be space for that valve set if it's not visible in that photo?
It needs to be somewhere, it includes the pressure reducing valve and the pressure relief valve - the primary pressure control valve and one of the primary safety relief valves - the unvented system cannot be installed properly without it.
In response to asking where the pressure relief/reducing valves were I was just sent a zoomed in version of the original photo (as below)... is this the point at which I should be asking my tenants to turn it off?

Screenshot 2022-05-07 at 17.44.59.jpg
If you follow that pipe you just reach the wall... I am increasingly convinced those valves haven't been fitted.
Maybe, but where does the 15mm pipe top/middle right of the the first picture originate?
@Saints 74, follow the smaller pipe below the arrow and the larger pipe from the bottom inlet and they should meet up at the valve set. What's through the wall? It's a little unusual for it to be remote from where the cylinder would be.

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