Upstairs lighting circuit keeps tripping

So the live from the toilet light fitting goes to the bathroom ceiling rose loop in, is that correct?.

With the power off, at the toilet light connect the two browns (or reds) in a connector on their own

Not sure what you mean, are these not needed.

What goes in to L1 on the 2 way pull cord switch.
The two browns/reds are joined together in a separate connector, and are the permanent live which feeds the pull switch.
The live for the bathroom light comes from the switch (blue or black)

The remaining blue or black comes from the bathroom, and is the neutral for the toilet light.
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Remember, at the switch you do not have live and neutral. You have live and live. That's why you sleeve the blue or black with brown or red sleeving.
At the pull switch only use com and L1. Leave L2 empty.

Or use com and L2 and leave L1 empty.

The wires can go either way round.
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Where do the lives all go?, sorry i'm still a little confused, i've tried to draw a diagram,

The blue with the brown sleeve from the switch go to the live terminal on the light fitting.

The two brown wires go together in a separate connector. If this is a ceiling rose there is a 'loop' terminal in the centre where these two brown go. If this is a more decorative light fitting it may or may not come with a spare 'empty' terminal - not to be confused with the earth terminal. You may have to provide your own connector block - a 5 amp one will do the job. This needs to be inside the light fitting with the other connections, not pushed up into the ceiling space.

The remaining blue (from the bathroom) is the neutral.
Where do the lives all go?, sorry i'm still a little confused, i've tried to draw a diagram,


You see at your bathroom light you have wires in that 'loop' terminal? Well the two browns at the toilet light are the equivalent to that. It's just a joint, and not connected DIRECTLY to the light.
Got it now mate, thanks for all your help, i'll rewire that tomorrow and let you know the result, by the way the wiring was already like that when i rewired earlier so its not something that was caused by me, i reckon my dad might have had something to do with it although he wouldn't admit it. He will burn the bloody house down one day :evil:

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