UPVC back door lock broken

22 Mar 2016
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United Kingdom
hi guys, have a bit of an issue with my UPVC back door. It seems the multilock is broken and is stuck locked.
The door is currently closed and I cannot open it.

I have managed to get half the door open, meaning the centre lock (with the handle) and the bottom multilock I can pry open. From what I can see is when you pull the handle down the multilock on the top part of the door does not move, same with the bottom bit but the hook at the bottom is luckily in a retracted state.

Hope this makes sense do far. Basically I need to get the door open so I can change the strip. But I'm struggling to figure out a way to release the top multilock without breaking the frame.

I have attached a picture of the top of the door. Basically is there an easy way to release that top latch ? If I remove that frame separating the 2 doors, can I slide something in?




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If the door is unlocked but will not open, then the mechanism has slipped out or broken.
Can you remove door by removing it from the hinges?
I'm not actually sure how to remove it from the hinges. The hinges are on the outside. Do not see any screws, apart from an Allen key type screw on the top and bottom. From what I understood this just adjusts the door left and right..
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Unlikely you can remove the hinges without damage.
What you need to do is bend a tool in between the door and frame, Find the hook and then knock it open with a hammer.
A flexible scraper or possibly a butter knife might do it. It helps if you have pump wedges to force a larger gap but you may be able to use wooden wedges or just push against the door while slipping it in
Attached a picture of the hinges, can't see how they would come off though?

Gazman, if I use I tool I assume I'll have to remove that centre part between the 2 doors? That should just unclip right ?


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