UPVC door wont open

15 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
Any suggestions on how to open a locked UPVC side door to my son in law and daughters back garden?

They locked it about two weeks ago and haven't been able to open it,
they've pushed, tugged, banged after several normal attempts to open it but to no avail.

It seems that either the mortice lock is not releasing so they cannot push the handle down to release the roller bar on the edge of the door, or the lock is free but the roller bar is jammed. Any suggestions on how they can open it without the need to damage the door.
Unfortunately they cannot afford locksmiths prices as they are struggling buying the bungalow.

I can't look at it myself as they live in Nth Devon and I'm in West Sussex.

Many thanks in anticipation. < No it's not a condition, you're thinking of constipation.
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It can be many things, does the key goes round and round? If so the possibly is the barrel cylinder which will need drilling out but expensive if you do it wrong or it could be the internal lock mechanism is faulty and it's not really a job for the diy. The parts for these are not cheap unless it's the cylinder (approx £20) so may work out cheaper for the locksmith to repair it. Don't know if this help but normally upvc doors/windows comes with a 10 yrs warranty. I'm not sure if this would also covered by insurance policy, might be an idea to give them a ring
Thanks masona will get them to price up a locksmith and I'll pay, but first get them to check their house policy.
Not sure about the key though, I'll ask them.
I'll have to open a UPVC door lock fund at my bank to cover the cost of all three doors. With my luck all three will go and I'd be locked out.
If there was one landmine in a 4 acre field and 1000 people walked across it with me in front you bet I'd be the one to find it. Hey ho that's life! better off than some though got no mortgage, paid for mine.

Have a nice Christmas
If there was one landmine in a 4 acre field and 1000 people walked across it with me in front you bet I'd be the one to find it. Hey ho that's life! better off than some though got no mortgage, paid for mine.
:LOL: At least it's not the end of the world!

The problem with these upvc doors, there're so many parts for it to go wrong and can be expensive, give me a wooden door anyday and you can change the lock or mortice as many time as you want ;)
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Most people with the profesional know-how to drill a Euro cylinder and deal efitiently with a locked UPVc door would be unhappy putting it on here.
Massona is right, its a job for a locksmith.
A locksmith will typically charge around £40-50 for a daytime visit. This should include at least an hours labour, but not parts. If the cylinder is at fault, then it's a quick change - £20-£30 for a cylinder is typical. If it's the mechanism, then you could be looking at around £100, depending on the make and model of the cylinder. If the cylinder locks/unlocks, then it's not the cylinder at fault. If after unlocking the cylinder, the handles won't push down to open - then it's likely the mechanism has seized. If the handles push down, then the door could be out of alignment, and the rollers/mushrooms/hooks are caught in the corresponding strikes.

Not a DIY job - I've been to many and seen the resulting damage !.
Wise choice. Ensure they ask the Locksmith if they charge a callout fee, and what their labour charges will be (fixed or per hour). Go for no call out, and ask the Locksmith how much to fix - once they have looked at the problem. Go by recommendation if possible, and steer clear of the call centre operations - loads of numbers covering the area.

If the anticipated charges exceed those suggested above - tread carefully. As a trading Locksmith, I'm happy to review any prices quoted before they proceed.

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