uPVC Front Door Broken - help!

11 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi all,
I have a uPVC front door.
When I lock the door I push the handle up, to engage the dead bolts, before locking the door.
Last night, the dead-bolts didn't seem to engage properly the first time, so I put some upwards pressure on the door and tried again.
Something felt weird, so I released the dead-bolts to open the door and have a look, but the top one did not release.
Now I cannot get out of the front door.
if I try to open it, the botton and middle 'open', but the top is stuck firm.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Are front doors expensive to replace? or is it possible to disassemble a door in situ, from the inside?

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sounds like the top of the gearing has come adrift. try gently wedging door open as far as it will go then if you can see a cam holding push with a screw driver and the gearing should retract.retrieving the claw if it has one . if that does not work take out panel or glass to give it some flex. if that does not work let me know but i may need to reply by e mail as the next stage could be considered by some as giving information on breaking in had my telling off before for that :LOL: while trying to help
thanks for the response.

is it easy to remove the little strips holding the glass in? I don't want to go breaking it.

cant get the door open far enough to do anything.

the dead-bolts are the sort that just come out of the door and into the frame. no claw action, or slidy upy things!
the bottom one retracts and engages without problem, but the top one has clearly come away from its gearing..

going to try getting the glass out, but would also appreciate any other suggestions you may be able to give.
my email address is *********

thanks again for your help,

You might be able to take the door off from the hinge side.
Has it got 'butt' hinges or 'flag' type hinges. A picture might help.
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the beads are usually pretty easy to remove start in the middle with a flat bladed paint scraper or a putty knife. you need to find out if the retaining rubber is a wedge or an E gasket if wedge it needs removing first. failing that.

try to wedge the door open and take a photograph of what you see ill try to advise on what I can see for the best course of action.

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