UPVC French Door Beading Issue

25 Aug 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi! Around 6 months ago I had some second hand french doors fitted (I now regret not buying new ones to save a few quid, and I can't afford new ones now). The local builder I employed had quite a hard time getting the internal beading strips to bang in properly, but they all seemed to have gone in fine when he left. However one of the side beadings has now pulled away from the frame leaving an unsightly gap. This has gotten worse over the last couple of weeks.........not sure why this happened. However if you look carefully you will notice a crack on the top. This was here when the builder left. Wasn't too much of an issue as I was going to fill it, but now the whole beading has come away there seems little point as I have bigger problems now! Question is, would banging this back in place be a good idea in case the crack got worse with impact and split it completely? Otherwise what can be done? I see replacement beadings are almost impossible to source, the frame has no information on it so I don't know the profile. And putting some white frame sealant etc. in the gap doesn't feel right because it's not a permanent solution. Also I thought that when it came time to replace the glass panels (seeing as the doors aren't exactly new, rough guess by looking at the condition maybe 10 or so years??) the installer is going to struggle getting the cracked beading to go in without destroying it. By the way, the rubber seals appear to be attached to the beading. Is that common? Thanks for your help.


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Well it's Duraflex profile and still available so try gats a positive, their bead is a pain in the bum to fit, especially for builder type people who aren't that handy when it comes to pvc, to a window fitter it's bread and butter stuff, each to their own as I couldn't lay 3 bricks in a straight line

Being Duraflex I know exactly why the builder couldn't get the last bit to seat, it's hard to explain but other fitters here will know when I say the tongue on the back of the bead has ridden out of the groove somewhere along it's length as it was being tapped home, kind of derailed and is now sitting outside of its groove, half the bead is in and the other half isn't, where is crosses over and jumps out it bends the tongue on the inside of the bead
This is the tongue and the groove it has to fit in, half the bead is in while the other half has ridden out and is outside the groove and will not lock in this creating a gap


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