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14 Nov 2013
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Deal , Kent
United Kingdom
Hi All,

I would like to fit a 13 amp 2 gang socket containing 2 USB charging sockets but am a little confused as to which type to get. Some have 2.1 amp some 3.1 amp. We have 2 smart phones & 1 tablet do we have to match the amps of the device to the socket or can any device with a USB cable be charged using the built in USB sockets.

Any help would be very welcome.

Thank you,

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I would get the higher, most smart devices these days iPhones iPads etc will use what it needs without any chance of damage.

For instance iPad charger has a higher output than a iPhone charger but you can use the same charger for the iPhone, the iPhone will take what it needs. 2.1A is lower than a iPad charger so if you charged an iPad with this it would be slower than using the conventional plug charger.
i have sockets with a 2.1ah and 1.2ah. both charge iphone 7, 6, 5s ipad galaxy etc. They were only about 6 quid or so. Usb will be obsolete eventually so i wouldn't bother about future proofing.
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Just thought of something, can the leads from different devices be used with any other device providing the smaller plug fits?

Thanks again,
Yea - within reason, a USB cable is a USB cable (yes I'm aware not all cables are made equally and some are carp)
I would like to fit a 13 amp 2 gang socket containing 2 USB charging sockets but am a little confused as to which type to get.
Be careful to make sure you understand what the specification is saying. In the case of devices (e.g. sockets) with 2 USB charging sockets, when thaey say "2.1A" or "3.1A" they may (or may not) be talking about the total available from both sockets, rather than meaning that you can simultaneously charge two things and get 2.1A or 3.1A out of each socket.

Kind Regards, John
Just to say - not Ah, just A, amps.

What will take their place?

sorry you're ur right.

The site does not censor the word 'crap'. :)
I was not aware of that! I shall be more forthcoming with my use of the word in the future.

Hager have finally started making a USB Socket Outlet, about 2 years after everybody else. But like MK, it requires a 35mm backbox. I would like to think this means they (and MK) are using higher quality gear than the ones that fit in a 25mm box but I have no evidence either way.

Everybody is moving to Type-A sockets and the market is moving towards USB-C for everything - I'm gonna hold off on doing too many sockets for the time being!

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