Use Texecom Elite outputs to control electric locks

15 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom

Pretty much as the title says. I have an Elite 24 which I think only has the digicom outputs (although would consider upgrading to the 48 if needed) and I would like to use the outputs to trigger an electric gate lock to open, most frequently by the Texecom iOS app so I can allow people round to the back of the house if I am not there.

The lock I am looking at is the Cisa Elettrika, which needs 12v and 500ma, although has a booster module to allow it to work with <250ma (need to check the exact details) and needs a pulse to open it (it locks automatically)

Would this be something that is possible with the 24 digicom outputs, assuming teh lock booster will accept 100ma (is that the digicom output?)

Longer term I would like to add a prox reader outside to also allow it to be opened by a tag which would also turn off the external PIR that is behind the gate.

Thanks for any advice.

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Perfect, thanks... I was reading the manual rather than opening up the panel and missed that one. So that makes it easy on the power side. I presume its straightfoward to trigger it to send a pulse when triggered. Is it possible to set it to hold power for a certain period, ie for 4 hours so the door will stay open the whole time?
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As above a relay would be a good idea so you take the load from the auxiliary power. You may want to use a custom output when it comes to programming. To use from the app your need to use a PC Control output then apply a pulse attribute, the pulse timers can be set on system timers.
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So I bought this, cisa elettrika lock and the module for it to work on 12vDC, rather than 12vAC here
And with some simple setup I got the lock working from the Outputs screen on my ios app.

In wintex I set Panel Output 1 to PC Control using Pulse 1, which was set at 1 second. I also edited the output button on the app to only stay green for 1 second when pressed.
When I press the button on the app, the lock gets power and opens... all good.

Except that when it then closes, its locked. The issue is that I would like the option to have it pulse for longer as well, ie use the ios app to set it to stay unlocked, ie have power, for say 6 hours. I can set it to not pulse, and manually lock it again, but I might forget, so would rather it be pulsed, just for a long time. I see I can set custom outputs to operate the PC Control 1 with different pulse timers, but I am not sure how to activate those.

If not, is there a way to turn off the power to that output when a zone or area is armed?

I would build a custom output & set switch 1 as a control timer & then set the times & days etc. Then the other switch can be the PC output.
Ok, so after a few hours of playing I finally got my head around the logic on the custom outputs and how to control from the phone app

I set the Panel Outputs:1 to Custom 1 Stage A or B

Then Custom Output 1
1.1 = PC Control 1 Pulse 1 (10 second)
1.2 = PC Control 2 Pulse 2 (1 hour)
1.3 = Area B (texecom external motion sensor behind the gate) Armed Inverted
1.4 = Not used inverted
1.5 = PC Control 3 Pulse 3 (10 hours)
1.6 = PC Control 4
1.7 = Area B Armed Inverted
1.8 = Not used inverted

So, now if on the phone app I press Output 1 button the gate opens once for someone waiting there. If I press Output 2 on the phone app the gate is open for an hour etc.
The Area B check ensures I cant unlock the gate and let someone in if they will immediately trigger the armed motion sensor behind the gate.

Glad I have worked it out, and that the panel yet again can do exactly what I want.
Thanks... Just need to test that it locks when Part B is armed, which I think above should do, and I'm all good. Then just to install it. Its a beast of a lock at 3kg!

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