Using piano hinge



I am using piano hinges to hang some eaves cupbaord doors.

I am using 18mm MDF and i am just screwing the hinges into the ends of the door without setting them into the door. I then screw then to the frame.

Now i am getting some which are stiff when you fully close them (and so dont fully close) and others which rest closed no problem.

Any ideas what i am doing wrong ? I just cannot figure out what i am doing wrong.

I am hoping my magnet locks will hold the doors closed when i get round to fitting them.
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Sounds like the mdf or the frame is slightly bowed and thus bending the hinge a little when in operation causing the resistance.
By the way if I understand you correctly you have fixed into the edge of the mdf door which isn't a very good detail, it's not a good fixing and at best the screws will pull out , at worst the mdf will delaminate.
yes the edge. I didnt think i could fit them anywhere else. I thought it had to be like a door hinge.

Can the hinge go on the back of the door ? This may be better. Never done hinges and doors before and a real pain.
easiest way to fit piano hinges is to open the hinge 3/4 way round untill its forming an "L" shape with the countersink or inside off the hinge showing
clip the hinge over the front and the edge you want the door to hinge on
holding the hinge firmly in position using a 2mm drill bit drill every 3rd or fouth hole
use no4 5/8 or 3/4" or metric 3mmx16 or 20mm screws into the pre-made holes pilot the remaining hole

open the hinge till it will sit on the face hold the door in position and mark the top or easily reaches hole
fold a spare hinge or offcut in the "L" position above' line the hole up and drill the top hole screw in place then pilot every 3rd or 4th hole then as above
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You need to centre screws in the screw holes, off centre and they will cause the hinge to bind.
You need to centre screws in the screw holes, off centre and they will cause the hinge to bind.

piano hinges are quite forgiving up to around 2mm out then its trouble after that
i assume the door edge and the frame are exactly parallel and strait with no more than 2mm deviation along the full length ??

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