Varnish Gloss Disaster

3 Sep 2014
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United Kingdom
In the property we acquired 18 months ago and are still in the processing of decorating, we have wooden thresholds at each doorway (approx 8 inches wide). These, like the rest of the property
hadn't seen a lick of anything for donkeys so I bought a tin of Varnish Gloss (Rich Walnut). I applied with a brush as instructed but I noticed when applying that as it was much thinner than paint I could not get the brush marks out as I was doing it. Consequently it has dried and the brush marks are very obvious. Should I have applied using a sponge or something? would that have made any difference? Should I now sand this down or just cover it with normal paint? Any suggestions appreciated.
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Sorry to hear about your disaster. To be honest, I wouldn't put a high gloss on a threshold - it gets such a hammering with people walking over it that a matt or semi-matt polyurethane might look and function better. Once you've got the first lot off, think about applying some Ronseal or Blackfriars (with a the correct typw of brush - synthetic for the quick-drying stuff) - or even Osmo oil, which can be applied with a lint-free cloth.
You've over brushed it. The way to do it is apply it quickly - then have a cup of tea. Don't touch it. Don't even go back and look at it.
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Thanks. I can see where your coming from but even the first brush strokes were leaving a pattern of 'stripes' in the varnish. I understand what you mean but can't fathom out
how it is that when I paint I can get the brush strokes out and they are not noticeable, but this wasn't happening with the varnish. Do you mean I applied too much pressure with the brush itself?
What make of varnish (brand and type, e.g. waterbased) did you use and what kind of brush (bristle/synthetic)?
Here I am again with a picture now I have removed most of the Varnish and everything else that was under it! As you can see I am left with a 'red' colour wood. I want to achieve
a Dark Oak/Walnut. I am thinking of a Ronseal Dye followed by a coat of varnish but would that give it back the glossy finish I don't want? The original product I used was by 'Colours'
and was Rich Walnut Varnish Gloss. I used a synthetic brush to apply it but noted the hairs did separate and clump together at the time I was applying it.


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The colour is immaterial. What matters is whether it was a water-based or spirit-based product. Which was it?
Waterbased varnishes are thinner and may well show brush marks more than spirit-based.

You could put it on with a soft lint-free rag.
Waterbased varnishes are thinner and may well show brush marks more than spirit-based.

You could put it on with a soft lint-free rag.
I have now taken the advice of using a dark wood stain (Colron Wood Dye: Dark Jacobean Brown) I have not added a photo because the step is as red as the photo I previously posted ! I used a muslin cloth to apply it and even when applying it, it just never gave a hint of change of colour so I waited but nothing. I am now thinking of fence paint finished with a clear varnish? I am desperate to get this job done and there are five steps to do ! Note I was unable to get Ronseal Dye as advised.
I am losing the will to live over this one...

Just sand the thing down and apply several coats of Ronseal matt finish stain and varnish in the colour you want (as long as it is darker than the original colour).
I have now sanded down - applied the stain - hardly any change, looking nothing like Dark Jacobean Oak. Been onto Ronseal site unable to locate Matt Finish Stain (unless I want to buy Fence matt stain). Have given up but will contact technical dept at Ronseal.

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