Vauxhall combo 1.7 53 plate

27 Jan 2014
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United Kingdom
I have had the spanner light on my dash for a while now. It was causing no issues and my mechanic told me to leave it. I now have a transmission issue. When I accelerate, the van will rev but not accelerate, as if I still had my foot on the clutch. Seems to do it more if I am going up a hill or accelerate quick. 1st gear seems ok.

Any ideas??

I did break down about a year ago, can wouldn't stay on. It was a dry joint on the the ecu (think that was the name) I re soldered it and has been good since.

Any help welcome please
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If the revs are going up without the speed increasing your clutch is slipping.

Hi peter,
Yes it seems as though that is what's happening. So it definitely can not be dirty egr valve, map sensor or fuel filter?? As they are things I could do. The spanner light comes on also? Would a slipping clutch cause that?

Does it mean a new clutch or can it be adjusted?
Pretty certain the clutch is hydraulic on these, so no adjustment is likely.....the spanner sign usually means the van is due for service, but may indicate other issues - I'm not sure on that one.
The clutch issue wouldn't cause the spanner lamp to come on.
As Peter says, new clutch time I'm afraid.
John :)
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Put the handbrake on tight, put the van in 5th gear and attempt to drive off using appropriate revs. If you can let the clutch all the way out your clutch is knackered (or the hydraulics of it have a problem).
The less you let it slip the longer it will last, if you back off when you feel it going it will prevent most of the wear. I have had clutches last many thousands of miles by not allowing them to slip but that means driving gently - which is not for everybody. :)

I don't tear it around the roads but it's not possible to drive around gently. A lot of stop start where I live and I carry lots of tools and boilers so the heavy loads causing some stress. I have fixed thing like water cooler, oil cooler.... But I think the new clutch is in order.
My mechanic says £250 - £300. I'm assuming that is a really good price? As we do know eachother outside of work also
That is a good price - I'd be very happy to pay that, as the clutch parts will be over the ton themselves, more than likely.
John :)
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