Veg Patch- Whats wrong!

4 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
In my previous 2 homes i grew some fantastic veg. I do not claim to be an expert but learning all the time. My latest garden i am having real trouble getting anything to grow in the ground. Everything starts OK then stops. Very dry and dusty in summer so i am thinking of completely changing the soil. A big problem i have also is half a spade down there is a mat of roots from a nearby climber. Its everywhere, and once i have pushed the spade down, just cannot lever the soil out because of the roots. I have been thinking of digging say, 18" down, putting down a DPM and then filling back in with new soil, compost etc. Is this extreme? I was thinking of seiving half the soil to get the roots out but im guessing any little bits i miss will carry on growing. I have a cheapish supply of good topsoil and compost so thats not a problem. Anyone?
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what is the reason why you do not sever the roots from the climber?

What sort is it?
An old spade sharpened up with an angle or bench grinder?

Raised beds? Easy enough with old scaffold boards and wooden pegs.
dependent on what the climber is thats going to be taking a lot of water and nutrients out of the soil, so it needs to be tackled by removing it or cutting it back.

a dpm will not be a good idea. it will hold the water in and stop drainage, turning it into a bog garden. You need to add plenty of organic material such as compost or well rotted manure to the soil. As deluks says a raised bed would be a good option.
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Hello and thankyou for your replies. I don't know what the climbers are called. There are lots of them and very mature , surrounding my garden boundary so getting rid is not an option as they are so intertwined with the fence panels that they are the fence! Re the membrane idea, i was going to put plenty of drainage holes in it, any good? Raised beds, i had not thought of those, suppose its an option but thinking of cost and could the roots find there way into that, they really are everywhere and i have tried to control but impossibe. Try to upload some pics of climber if any help. Thankyou again
would you describe this climber as a weed?

does it have a white, bell-shaped flower? or thorns?

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