Lay turf or carry on with grass seed?

21 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom
Over time we've been progresing the back garden from the overgrown weed area to into something that can be played on.

The garden area is 5.5mtrs x 3.4mtrs which we have dug over, killed the weeds, rough hand sorted the stones and large roots from the mud and kinda levelled it off.

We planted grass seed by spiking ground with fork, and raking seed in. So far half of it is growing but the soil is uneven.

We were thinking if digging the top layer off again, adding in 2 tons of toil soil, leveling the garden again and go with putting turf down.

Whole thing should take about a full day.

I dont think 1cubic metre of soil would cover the area we need once packed down.

We could carry on with the seeding and in 9-10months we maybe able to cut the grass if its thick enough.

What you think?

The grass is growing, its through the mud about about 1.5cm high in areas. Just very thin in areas, will supply a picture when ive filled the tree hole in, and levelled the bottom bit.
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I reseeded my front and back garden recently. The back had a big strip where the dog always walked and the front had a strip where cars have run along the edge of the drive. Within a week of throwing the seed on, no digging in or anything, the areas are covered in nice think grass. The entire lawn is growing quickly in this warmer weather, about an inch a day. It is a bit patchy but its gradually getting thicker. Try some more seed on the barer patches and give it a couple of weeks. You dont notice it growing the same with seeing it every day. Try taking a picture when you seed then one in 2 weeks time, it will be very different. Turfing is quite expensive to do and the top soil does not go very far when spread out.
seeding is always pot luck.

Turf is more expensive, but you are paying for a finished product, thats been sown at a uniform rate and grown under control.

The area only needs covering with a layer of sandy loam levelling soil, so 1-2 tonnes will be fine, and will give you a very good quaily flat base to lay the lawn on.

we always turf when we do gardens, unless a client specifically wants it seeded
Well the grass it longer, but the weeds have taken hold of the garden now.

Just raked over the top surface a little to try and even the surface as we layed some top soil in areas to level it out, and i think this has funded the extreme grown of some serious looking weeds.

Tried to pull them out, but appears they might be coming from below the surface.

Dont know if i can use weed killer on the grass yet, as i think it may kill it off completely, but were seriously thinking turf is the next option.

I think the turf will kill off the weeds as they cant grow through.

Turf from the local B&Q was £2.50 per sq mtr, which isnt too bad as we need 20sq mtrs..

Noticed this morning when we raked the top off, the soil underneath was nice and soft, and probably would of been good to take the turf with a little soil dressing put on top raked in..
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all done..

20 sq mtrs of turf collected from the field, £32..

2 bags of turf dressing / topsoil £6..


One lay'd lawn which myself and the wife are happy with, its on a slope, then kinda levels at the bottom.

Think in total was have spent £65, that includes buying the spades, garden rake, grass seed, turf and dressing.

It has a few dips and that, but its not perfect and were happy with it.

Pictures to follow, though i suspect half of it will be coming up for a new patio to be layed.

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