Veneered MDF

Jasonb,I have used plain MDF for some time now and the finishes range from paint to varnish.I have a full size spray plant of the low volume high pressure type(lots of over spray type)which I have used to spray cellulouse etc. on to MDF.I actually like MDF because of the stability and the way it will route with a crisp edge. My question is, I am considering a HVLP outfit.Have you or any else used one of these and how good is the finish.It will be used to spray finishes on to (horror)"real veneered" MDF "like in quality furniture".I in the process of making a set of bookcases with cherry veneered MDF, lipped with cherry.I have never used pads before so I am unsure of the finish.The finish has to match or come close to a manufactured smooth finish.
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I'm happy with the finish I get so have not looked into spraying that much, that and the fact that a dedicated spray booth/area would really be required.

I have had a go of an HVLP and found it easier to use with a lot less overspray and blowback.

You may find this of interest

Also have a look at there finishing section, there are a couple of spray related items.

Like yourself I make as much as I can and have a reasonable workshop.It's better that the female of the species likes the quality of the work.Unfortunately they have this strange habit of buying things that can be made for a fraction of the cost.My better half bought a Cherry finished display unit to match the Teak bookcases(her idea of close colour!).I now have to make new ones in veneered Cherry,no big deal because I enjoy the work.I would like to match the finish which is dead smooth so I have decided to bite the bullet and add another piece of kit to the workshop ie HVLP outfit.
Ta for the reply.
heeelllooo and welome bantamsilver

thats a very elaborate excuse to convice yourself you need a new toy i will have to remember that one :D :D :D :D :cool: ;)
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With the amount of kit that I have what I need is the Brusselloneums(!) to decide that a 40hr day is good for all,ie work for the same pay but for longer.It would make sense 'cause the hours would be decimalised?.Roll on retirement.
PS can the EEC change the hours in a day,can they change the speed of the earth and is there a speed camera on the moon!!!!
PPS I have a very understanding partner/wife/mother/cook/..............
PPPS the handle comes from a loved Brit bike that I still have from way back in the last century...nice that saying.
Sorry to be off topic .
nice one bantamsilver

i like your zany tangental parralel thinking:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: [what ever that is] :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ;)

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