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30 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
I'm having a re-roof in my old terraced property.

I've got a bathroom upstairs with no window. It has an extraction fan that takes the steam up in the loft.

I'm wondering whether it would be a good idea to add a vent roof tile:

or I will connect the fan to it so that the steam is extracted outside rather than in the loft.

My main concern is that if we add the vent tile, we will need to make a whole in the breathable felt thus compromising the watertight properties of the roof.

As the felt is breathable:

do I really need to extact the steam outside or shall I rather not disturb the felting and leave the steam going in the loft space ??

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I normaly go with the tile vent as with the felt it's not all its cracked up to be with letting moisture out.Ubink also do alot of vents which in my eyes are better because with the Marley vents they are all glued together which can perish after time.If you do decide on an external moisture release you'll have to consider if the ducting is quite long if say over 2 metres you might have to fit a condensation trap too.
A tile vent terminal has a 110mm spigot which needs to be connected directly to the extractor fan via flexi hose. This spigot passes through the felt. A hole is cut into the felt or membrane, the flap of felt is pinned back to the nearest roofing lathe (batten) and is weathered by a manufactured soaker that is supplied with the tile vent terminal.

Piece of cake.
Thank you very much for the answers.

Are these Ubink roof vent tiles compatible with the Marley tiles ?

Also I've seen this Marley vent tile on ebay:

Does the top grid of the tile gets blocked and needs cleaning every now and then ?

Do these tiles for the Double roman type do a better job as they might have the air grid on the side rather than on the top
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What type of tiles do you have on your roof? as the vents your showing there are for different types of tiles.The type of vents which i always like to use are the flat contour ones which only have the grid rather than the awful looking mushroom which sticks up past the tile line .Ubink make vents for most tile manufacturers which mean you get a plastic vent the right dimensions and colour
The ones you see with the profiled cowling are tile vent terminals, i.e. are specifically to be connected to mechanical extractors and have a spigot attached for this purpose.

The flat vents or non cowled tiles are specifically to vent a roof space and are not suitable as vent terminals.
The tiles I have now are 103 years old, I think they are called old Belgian tiles but I have them all replaced with Marley tiles.

The roofing company gave me a quote for Modern smooth interlocking grey Marley ones ( £2200 + vat ) but I do prefer the marley red double roman ones...hope it won't make much difference on the price.

I need a vent tile to connect a bathroom fan extractor to it,
not bothered with the roof ventilation as air can move through the eaves.

The flat vents or non cowled tiles are specifically to vent a roof space and are not suitable as vent terminals

noseall, the vent tile on ebay:

is flat but it seems to have the round connector on the back for the extractor !?

I'm really trying to avoid putting a vent tile ...can't I let air moving through the eaves and avoid the vent tile altogether, would the steam escape from the loft space to the outside this way...

I'm kind of thinking what if:

The vent tile mesh gets blocked and I need to clean it,
squirrels brake the mesh and gain acces to the loft( I've got two baby squirrels in my loft right now ! )
Hi Best to vent direct to atmosphere, as condensation problem may be present in winter months.
I worked for Marley Roof tiles for eight years before i became self employed and know vents more or less inside out.The flat ones are made for both attataching to soil pipes and extractor fans plus they can be used for ventilation which they are rarely used for.Plus with the flat ones they look far superior on the roof with them being flat you don't notice them so much.either of the types can be used as both have the terminals on the back of them to take 100 mm plastic grey pipe or flexi.The grid on the vent can be removed to clean out and if your worried about Squirels getting in don't as they would'nt have the strength to pull it off.The Marley Modern one you have the link on Ebay is the one you want in my opinion if you decide on that tile.

Also don't vent it into the loft because just as justlead1 said your gonna get a lot more moisture in your loft in the winter when the warm air hits the cold inside your loft.
The profiled ones allow a greater volume of air to pass through, essential when dealing with condensation rich air. They are not as susceptible to lying snow.

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