Roof vent for combi boiler

23 Oct 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi, does anyone have any tips on installing a vent for a 100mm pipe through a concrete tiled roof? The pipe is a combi boiler flue.

These are the tiles:

The gas man is happy to do the boiler install (all pipes except gas already in) but not the hole in the roof.

Do you use a standard pipe flashing kit like this:

Can I do this myself (access to loft and roof no problem)? If not, how long would it take a good roofer?

Any help would be much appreciated. :D
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hi you could probably do it your self if you have decent diy knowledge but you cannot use that flashing kit for the pipe the pipe gets warm and would melt the rubber ask at a builders merchants for a gas flu pipe flashing they will know what you want in regards to howlong for a roofer to do it we would take no longer than an hour some roofers bit longer or a bit less
Thought I'd give you an update -

Bought the Seldek flashing - £25, and the Vokera flue terminal - £100, all good.

Got a quote (over the phone) from one guy - £80, seemed reasonable. Only problem is I haven't been able to get hold of him since :(

Had another guy came round to have a look today, their office is 2 minutes round the corner from here (so not a lot of traveling time). He wanted £400 :eek: :LOL: I told him I knew it would only take him about an hour, he agreed but said he needed to charge for him and a mate for half a day, so that makes about £800 day rate for 1x roofer & 1x mate :rolleyes: Naturally I declined!

Only other person who has gotten back to me is someone from Ratedpeople. Has good-looking ratings, he is coming tomorrow (to do the job) and quoted £80 on the phone, says the work will be guaranteed. My only concern is that he can do it tomorrow . . . Will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for the advice.
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wouldn't fret to much about him being able to do it tomorrow, as you say it should only take around an hour and for 80 quid....silly not to :D
True, although I don't think it's too bad for a call out, harnessing on 4 storey's up on around 40deg pitch, getting the tiles out, drilling through the timber, fitting the flashing and terminal, cutting tiles to re-fit (seems to think he will anyway) finishing up and getting home. I'll be impressed if it's done in an hour, reckon it will be more like a half day door-to-door.

I've been up there to have a look at where it'll be going and I don't fancy doing it myself!
4 storeys up for £80 quid :eek: - did you tell the £80. guys it was that high. :LOL: over the phone
Indeed -I`d do a bungalow for £80. Do you think those storeys would be high. Like a Tenement ? as you`re both from that end of the country ;)
Yeah they all know it's a tenement, storey height of over 3m. There are chimney breasts to harness on to . . . they've just left (2 of them) they were in and out in an hour right enough! Reckon's he's done 100's of them, went up to have a look, not as neat as it could be but looks to be watertight and all tiles back where they should be and none broken.

Thanks again for the advice.
guessing 45-50 feet to gutter Nige.

access to roof through skylight window probably.

Edit: beat me to it skenk :D
Of course - Skylight :oops: ..Can you tell I`ve never been North of Watford :rolleyes: . Good Value and honest workmen - don`t get too much of that here in S.E :cry:

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