veritas tamper light

29 Jun 2016
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United Kingdom
my alarm just went off on its own.....the tamper light is on, how do i turn it off ? there was a gush of wind outside and i think it disturbed the alarm.....iv tried to reset alarm and it remains on? iv put alarm code in and it remains on ?
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If you have entered you code number and pressed reset and I will not reset the tamper fault is still present ?
A tamper fault can be a loose cover on a sensor or the cover on the bell box ?
You need to check all covers are on correctly
Also you could have a tamper fault on this control panel if you backup battery is faulty.
does that mean i should take off box ? do i need a new battery ?
can i go out tonight and set the alarm like i usually do even with the red tamper light on ?
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You will NOT be able to set the alarm with a tamper fault.
You need to sort problem first?
As i said could be a cover on a detector or bell or possible battery ?These tamper faults could require you to check the cabling ?
You ill need to link out the tamper circuit first and then check to see if panel will reset.If panel resets then fault on detector /wiring.
If panel does not reset then you need to link out tamper circuit on bell box and then reset panel.if resets ok then fault on bell box.
If fault still present need to check battery? If battery is older than 5 years then battery should be replaced.
But you need to find out which one of the above is causing the tamper fault
Thankyou :)))) my battery is about 5 years old so i reckon its run out .....thank you , il have to get the hubby to try and sort , thank you
I don't think the tamper fault will be the battery at 5 years old ,it will bell box or detectors ?
Handymanjo, I agree the tamper needs to be resolved however the alarm can be set with a tamper fault.

short term whilst you are waiting to get the tamper fault resolved, arm the panel as usual and press omit 9 prog, this will omit the tampers from causing an alarm and the system will set.

given you believe the gush of wind coincided with the tamper I would suspect the external bell box first is a strong possibility.

As for the battery 5 years old you need to look at replacing it soon, although an installer would test the battery to see if it had enough go left in it.
if you have the engineers code, or on some versions you can view the basic event log for the tamper and then press OMIT, a number will now be displayed indicator where the tamper originated from. Some panels this feature is only available from the engineers menus and on the Old panels were code plus 00 to get into the menus is required the function is not available at all if I recall correctly.
if tamper light on,disconnect alarm from mains disconnect battery,re-connect battery,connect to mains put in your code and reset
It could possibly if it was a lid tamper and they put the lid back on properly, more by chance than anything.

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