Veritas 8 alarm tamper red light

23 Jan 2015
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United Kingdom
My alarm went off a few weeks back when I accidentally entered the incorrect code and the alarm went off. I put the correct code and unfortunately the tamper light will not go off. I have tried to reset and also followed the steps in a separate forum discussion where it recommended to remove main box, switch off from mains and disconnect one of the leads to the battery. Then switch power from mains reset 3 times the spring in the middle of board and then put in default code to disarm the alarm. Put the cover back on and that should make the tamper light to disappear, but no such luck.
Any suggestions pls?
Many thanks
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Why do people think defaulting the control panel will clear a fault , you have only made things worst by doing this, the panel has a tamper fault ! And now it will need reprogramming ! Link out the global tamper and the bell tamper for a start ... Does this clear the fault ?
A tamper fault is a tamper fault, the tamper needs to be fixed.

You can find out where the tamper is coming from look at the basic log, when tamper is displayed press OMIT.

The number displayed relates to the source of the tamper.

Don't think you can do this from an old 00 panel pre 1998, and prog panels you may need to be in engineering to do the full test.

1 and 3 are probably the most common, 1 being the bell and global tamper circuits and 3 being the box lid or keypad lid tampers.

The list of numbers and what they correspond to are on this forum but can be found in the manuals, this can help narrow down where the tamper is coming from.

Many get the tamper up, link the bell and global tampers out, and still get a tamper, but if they did the check, they would see when omit pressed 1 no longer present and 3 now present.

You can also do the same on some versions of panel from the walk test mode, when tamper is displayed press the omit button.
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From walk test
enter eng code press prog
press 06 ( walk test)
When beeping and tamper displayed press omit.

from event log

eng code prog or user code prog
uf tamper diplayed press omit
If the panels been defaulted it probably not going to be in the log ! Start by linking out as told !
if the log was defaulted and the fault was still there you should get another entry if it caused an alarm, but fair point.

the walk test should also be able to give the details if the tamper shows up.

Went to a Veritas yesterday, they had a lid tamper, which was id'd by walk test, just can be so much quicker than linking out, but if you cant get to the menu then you are left with linking out only. It be better still if the separated the bell from the global tamper, but that's reserved for resistors on r8+/Excel I guess.

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