Vertical Radiator issues

23 Oct 2011
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United Kingdom
Afternoon all,

I know there’s a few discussions on this, but thought I’d post anyway to confirm my issue.

2x vertical rads (Ximax Fortuna) installed in extension a couple of years ago = 2 cold winters in this room, the roads take ages to heat up and the columns heat randomly and unevenly.

The manufacturer told me there’s no baffle in this specific radiator and no need to install a certain way round, when my plumber fitted them he checked and confirmed no labels and says no baffle in the rad.

The manufacturer has sent me baffles to fit, but I’m wondering whether maybe the plumber didn’t check originally and maybe the rads do have a baffle and they’ve both been installed upside down, what are the odds!!

So, what do I do, drain the rads and look through top and bottom to confirm no baffle, then fit the baffles? If so which side should I fit the baffles on, return? Worried if there on the flow water would run in, up across and out causing similar issues?

Please help, I can bear the thought of another cold winter!! Heating was on today for an hour and the rest of the house warmed nicely but this room barely rose .2 degrees!

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Turn off every other radiator using only their TRV. See what the difference is ,if any,on the vertical rads.
Turn off every other radiator using only their TRV. See what the difference is ,if any,on the vertical rads.
Not much difference, after about 10 mins both rads still not warm, both flow and return pipes are hot by this point and some of the bottom of the rad heating up, another 20-30 mins later and one of the columns is hot and some of the top but still patchy at best… if I leave it like this I reckon it’ll eventually heat up, as this is the same as what usually happens
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Most of the one star reviews on Screwfix mention the lack of baffles, and the need for them...


It appears your plumber hasn't done anything wrong, and you need to have a go at installing the baffles.

Here's an example of how to fit one, on a similar (quite possibly identical OEM) rad, by Best Heating.

I’ve got the 2x baffles, 1 for each rad, quite happy with draining the system and fitting these, I’ve removed many rads and put them back on for decorating….

In your opinions, baffles on the flow or return side? (Not that I can easily identify which is which as the pipes heat up pretty close together, but I think I know!

And, do you think I need to chop down the rubber bit, it’s quite substantial and think when placed in the rad it’ll crumple, whereas if chopped down, but still a little oversized it should lock the flow causing the water to run up the rad?
Style over substance will always end badly.

I fit loads of this crap and tbh yes its generally a downgrade from the existing emitter in the room . Radiators look like radiators to perform a function rather than coset the needs of - furniture or vanity, stick a 600x1000 K2 in and be warm
Bin them and fit proper convecting rads. Loads of contemporary convection rads these days in a multitude of colours to suit multiple design ideas

Honestly, you could be farting about with these columns for ages and it'll just be luck that you get the baffles in properly and even then, get them to stay in position.
If the extension is a decent living room size, going by the pic it may be, with a patio door, no lined curtains etc, then I can just about be certain those rads will take forever to heat the space, if at all. They look nice but honestly they are crap at heating anything but the smallest of spaces. They will heat anything within 3-4 feet and the rest just won't warm up for an absolute age as their convection potential is lousy and that's really the only efficient way to quickly heat up a reasonable sized space using radiators.

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