Vertical radiator question

2 Jun 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi there, we have just bought a vertical radiator and the there are no instructions with it. I want to ask a question about the orientation of this radiator. It is s vertical radiator with lots of vertical bars running from top to bottom and two (slightly bigger in diameter) horizontal bars (one at each end).

If I look through the two horizontal pipes ( at the top and bottom ends), on one side, I can see through the pipe and on the other I cannot ( as I think there is a baffle). I want to know which side do the stop end and bleed valve go ( see through side or baffled side) and which side do the flow and return pipes go?

I would be grateful for clarification as I don't want to install it the wrong way around.
Thanks in advance for help.
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Baffle at bottom on the ones i have fit, hope you have sized the rad correctly, designer rads usually have a poor heat output.
Yes, baffle at the bottom.

Although Doitall does not remember that most have them!

You need an air bleed screw at the top obviously!

If it has a baffle the performance will be fine. If top and bottom headers are fitted then a reverse return flow occurs giving even greater performance.
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If the baffle is just as the beginning of the horizontal pipe then thats where to put the flow as it forces the hot water up the side column of the rad.
Thanks all. Our plumbing is such that flow pipes enter radiators from the left hand side. I say this because when Central heating is turned on, the left input / pipe gets hot first.

Now coming back to the new vertical radiator, the baffle is closer to the right hand end of the horizontal pipe.

This means that if we install the radiator, then hot water will be entering on the side which is farthest from the baffle as shown below.

Hot inlet ------------------Baffle----Return

Will this work or do we have to reverse our plumbing for this radiator?
Thanks again
I have been reading couple of other forums and they suggest that inlet can be on the end opposite to the baffle side. I apologise and I am not saying in any way that you are wrong; I just want few more opinions as reversing the pipes will be a big problem for us.
Regards Annie
It will work either way.

Its just that its very slightly better as Picasso said.

But can the radiator be turned the other way round on the wall ????

I have been digging around more and have found that it is a stratus vertical chrome radiator (1800 x 542) and was apparently sold by wickes. Now I am just hoping that someone has the fitting instructions for it to confirm which side is the inlet.

Wickes don't seem to sell it anymore and we bought it from a family friend who had it stored away for couple of years
You would think that as the fitting of the thing is not the norm that some instructions would have been included.

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