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15 Jun 2010
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United Kingdom
As in my last post, this is another concern of mine with regards to our 8 year old house feeling cold in general.

We had a huge draught going through our living room with one of the windows not shutting against the draught excluders, but we've had that fixed now and the living room feels fine, as long as we keep the living room door shut (which leads out to the hallway).

As soon as you walk into the hallway, it feels cold. Even when the heating is on and has been on for a while, if you touch the front door (which is a multi-point locking double glass panel front door but made out of metal) it feels very cold!

I'm just worried that the front door is acting like a fridge and just sucking all of the heat out of our hallway and wondered if there's anything I can do other than replacing it, and what is the best thing to replace it with? UPVC? Wood?

All advice is gratefully received!

Cheers all!
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Can you post a pic?
Also is there any form of communal entrance? We may need to know for fire reg etc

Also are there any covenants on the buildings? This may prevent you from changing the door design or color at all.

Personally if you are going to replace I would recommenced a composite door but there may be cheaper alternatives.
It might sound a bit low tech, but a curtain over the door is really effective, as long as you have room to the side for the curtain to fold to.
There are even special poles that attach to the door and open the curtain with the door.
I appreciate what you're saying but I'd rather fix the problem than just mask it with a curtain. I've got two small kids and they've already managed to pull two curtain rails down bringing half the wall with them because the fixings just pulled massive holes out of the plasterboard, so I'd rather avoid having any more curtains.

Sorry I forgot to answer your questions.

No there is no communal entrance, and although I don't think I'm allowed to have a porch built on the house, I'm pretty sure there was nothing about changing the door design but I may have to double check that. As for colour, the estate is full of different colour doors and ours has been painted anyway so that's clearly not an issue.

This is the door in question anyway...

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Cheapest method then will probably be a wood door fitted by a carpenter into the existing frame with the usual sanding and painting maintenance required or you could go PVC/Composite.

I would recommend composite as they are more solid and look much nicer IMO.
have you got room to put another door in the hall, thus creating an isolating vestibule? it will have to be at least a door's width from the original. It need not be outdoor quality.
Definitely no room for a vestibule. The doors to the living room and second room are pretty much up against the front wall.

I've got a family friend who owns a window making firm. I'll ask him for a quotation for a composite door. Definitely sounds like the best and least disruptive option.

Thanks for everyone's thoughts!

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