Videx GSM Door Intercom

10 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
Well I have the standard problem of not having the engineer's code and I am deciding what to do!

We bought a new house with an electric gate (BTF) and a GSM Door Intercom. The intercom is currently ringing the seller's telephone number and to add in our telephone numbers I need the engineer's/master code which the seller as a technophobe doesn't know. So annoying and of course to get someone out it would cost money that I currently don't have - houses are expensive!!

I have pored over the installation manual and I can see you can reset a few ways. I was thinking about resetting with a jumper across two terminals so I just reset the master code and not do a factory reset. But I've never done it before this way and so was after a bit of help.

The manual says to power down the intercom and then put a short across 2 terminals and power up and remove the short after the 3rd beep. But do I just unscrew the jumper or do I power down and remove? A factory reset occurs after the 4th beep and so I am thinking I need to unscrew the short with the power on but this could be madness.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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