Visonic Alarm shopping list - have i missed anything?

2 May 2006
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United Kingdom
All, in another thread i got advice on a good option for a wireless alarm with GSM, and smoke detector options - Visonic or Texecom were the recomendation.

Property is a flat, 1st floor, one door entry point, no real access to windows etc. from outside.

This is my shopping list for a Visonic Powermax, have i missed anything?

Powermax Pro Control Panel
1 x K9-85 MCW PIR
1 x MCT320T low-profile Magnetic Contact
3 x Pro Proximity Tags
1 x Dummy bell box / MCS-730 Decoy sounder
1 x speech box interface
1 x Powermax GSM 350
1 x Powermax Optical Smoke & Heat Detector MCT-427 (868MHz)

£476 inc. Vat.

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The flat has a stright 35 ft hall, every other room heads of this hallway so i figured 1 x PIR would cover it as anyone in the property has to be in the hall at some point?
So if they get into one room ransack it and leave by the same entry point?
Not being the hall or door.
Then what happens?
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He wants wireless, a decent one.
How much is a few batteries every 2-3 years?
The flat has a stright 35 ft hall, every other room heads of this hallway so i figured 1 x PIR would cover it as anyone in the property has to be in the hall at some point?
Most PIRs detect motion across the face of the sensor. Either horizontally or vertically. They are not sensitive to people walking directly towards the sensor unless the sensor is high enough that the person's image moves vertically across the sensor.
Hence recommendations for height and positioning.
Also one PIR as stated will not suffice.
The keypad has a few more options rather than the radio fobs.
Yours comes with prox tags as it is a graded panel.

It should be backwards compatible with radio fobs , which you just press a button so in theory panel in cupboard and nothing on show, the keypad is to enable more functions remotely.
Ah ok with you know.

Not keen on the radio key fobs TBH - i have a 2 yr old who likes to 1) flush keys and mobile phones down the bog 2) will no doubt get a hold of the fob and arm the system scaring teh sh*te out of everyone.

cheep to replace prox tag's and control panel at a hight she cant reach is the way to go :)
LOL, mine have past that stage ( I hope, being teenagers). I see your point.
As I said call to see if in stock.
It is a fairly new item.
Seems these units for the PowerMax kit are not avalible in the UK yet but those for the newer PowerMaster / PowerG kits are.

Anyone have any thoughts/experince of the PowerMaster 10 system and how suiatbale it is for a DIY install?

Shopping list with PowerMaster 10 looks like

Visonic PowerG KP-160 Silver Touch Screen Arming Station c/wProx
Visonic Chicklets Proximity Tag x8
Visonic GSM-350 PG2 with GSM/GPRS Connectivity for PowerMaster
Visonic Power-G Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector
Visonic PowerMaster 10 Kit – includes 2 x Keyfobs, 1 x Door Contact, 1 x External Siren, x Pet Wirelss PIR'
+ extra PIR + batteries

Total ~£623

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