Vokera Compact 24 finally replacing it with an Alpha CD28C

22 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom

A few of you will have replied to my cries for help in the past. Before I make a mistake again, is the boiler recommended by my installer - an Alpha CD28C a good option for me?

My vokera was nothing but trouble, and I hear Potterton are not much better. Loads of people have told me to get a Worcester Bosch, but my Installer and ultimately the guy who will service this one only recomends fitting Alpha boilers.

Any reasons why I shouldn't go for this one? Any recent bad press? Any Good press?

Help! - Thanks in advance
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why listen to your installer, your paying, have what boiler you want,,,id go for worcester or valliant
if you are ponying up the cash then it is your choice...but not every installer thinks worcester or valliant are the bee's knee's.

for example me, i think worcester are a poor design and the company is arrogant and i think valliant are over priced.

the new alpha are a little to cramped togather for my tasted. the viessmann 100's is a little more powerful and also comes with a 3 year/5 year guarantee depending on who fits it

if i was you i would get a viessmann http://www.viessmann.co.uk/index.php?content=product&model=Vitodens-100

but again it is just my view, but in the end get a installer that is conformable with the boiler
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He hasnt exactly offered you bottom end of the market so if it means he's familiar servicing and repairing (when it eventually needs it) then might be wise to go for it.

Ask him why he recommends it over other boilers apart from reliability.
and if he tells you he trying to get a nintendo wii at least he is being honest :LOL:

it is true alpha are asking good money for there boilers, too much in my view...wish they bring back the cd32c :cry:
If you want to pay rip off prices for parts when your warranty runs out get an alpha.
Plastic microswitch for domestic hot water on all cd boilers £30 + vat domestic heat ex for a 280 £109 +vat compared with baxi 105 £35+ same make all at partscentre need anymore.
Have not been to a Compact that has been a can of worms. In fact it is a boiler I would prefer to instal in my house or a customers.

Suggest you get a HEATING ENGINEER and not a part changer. This is one boiler that has been thought out AND modified if there is a problem (like clip on EV pipe that comes out when case is removed)

You get a plumber, 9 times out of 10 he will want to sell you a new boiler if he is no good at repairing a fault.

Another thing. If a boiler is not serviced as per the maker's call, it is not fitted to same spec or cleansed to remove system sediment, do not expect it to last long
Boparob i think u should sell your old boiler to bp .
Are you quite sure that this installer can repair boilers?

The Vokeras are very reliable boiler when properly installed. They are totally repairable and there are many still giving good service after 15 years.

I have this nagging suspicion that this installer knows he has no repair skills and failed to fix your old Vokera and is only suggesting an Alpha because they have a FIVE year warranty and by then he will have moved or retired!

Generally those who install boilers cannot fix them!


OK Now I have had doubt placed in my mind! Reasons for Alpha - My Gas Engineer / Installer / Service man knows them inside out. 5 Year g/t with Premier Jig (Built in filters so no need to powerflush as system totally drained pre-install anyway), will be serviced as per manufacturer (Usually once per year?), Should I expect any probs? What is everyone's experience of this boiler? Is it up there amongst the most reliable or most unreliable?


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