Vokera Compact 24 finally replacing it with an Alpha CD28C

How do you remove the sediment from base of radiator? Draining the water from the installation does not remove water below the valve stubs. I see a case of boiler replacement for sake of a sale only. See this happen very often by firms large and small.
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(Built in filters so no need to powerflush as system totally drained pre-install anyway),

I dont think that Alpha will agree that its not necessary to powerflush.

Thats probably another reason your installer likes Alpha because he thinks he does not bother to powerflush them thinking the filter will catch all the dirt!

Please think very carefully that your installer failed to fix the Vokera so why should he be any better at fixing an Alpha?

from what i have heard alpha can be very forgiving about block dhw hx tho that may depend on the service agent as how forgiving he will be. biasi on hand have no leeway, if the dhw hx is blocked with crap then you are going to get charged simple as that

all this is beside the point tho. The system needs to be clean, the filter pot from alpha would be filled in 10 seconds flat if the system is dirty and then would be useless. it is there for the odd bit of dirt.

Don't get me wrong - the water in the system looks totally clean when I bleed rads, but I am no expert. System has been drained about 3 times in last 4 years due to new rads fitted and boiler relocated to loft etc, so can there really be that much cr4p left in it?

I'll ask the installer to flush out if really needed :oops:
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Quite often when I do boiler changes the water from the immediate system drains almost clear, but once you put your powerflush machine on it with a good chemical cleanser the water comong out is quite black/cruddy.

Do not fit any boiler without a professional cleanse and flush.
All the more reason to clean the system if installation is drained every 3 months.

Air (20% of which is Oxygen) is present in fresh water that boiler is filled with after draindown. What do you think happens to oxygen in the water? It disolves your rads. If you do not believe what the regulars are telling you, suggest you remove a radiator and take it to the garden and tip it to runoff the dregs. Make sure you do not get this dirty water on the carpet.
:?: Got the thoughts of a Heating Engineer who recomends Ravenheat CSI 120 or a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 28i junior

:confused: This is such a minefield :eek:

He also said Alpha's aren't that good, but who knows the best and the worst? Problem with these and others are they have been bought out by Italian manufacturers and parts aren't reliable?

I am confused as to what to do. ;) 1 thing certain I will get the system powerflushed and probably replace the 3 remaining older radiators in the house so we have 7 of the same throughout. :mrgreen:
Alpha are as reliable as most other boilers!

Ravenheat are manufactured in Italy or assembled with Italian parts anyway.

Alpha will give a FIVE year guarantee and that shows their confidence that they are reliable.

On a clean system there is not much to go wrong.

Dirt is responsible for 90% of problems with boilers under two years old.

Alternate engineer says living where we are (Very soft water, not hard area) no need to powerflush either, but always does give it a system flush, just not power. Also adds an inhibitor to the water. Does this sound like correct procedure (System flush as opposed to power)

Think I am changing view to go for Worcester bosch greenstar 28i junior
does it really matter where the boiler is made? btw Worcester bosch make some boilers in turkey now but they denied it so far.

does not really matter what boiler you go for as long it is fitted on a clean system. how does living in a soft water area stop rust? the black stuff in your rads is a type of iron oxide. you may not need a powerflush, a simple hot flush with chemical treatment may be good enough, you could get a magnaclean for good measure aswell.

A few of you will have replied to my cries for help in the past. Before I make a mistake again, is the boiler recommended by my installer - an Alpha CD28C a good option for me?

My vokera was nothing but trouble, and I hear Potterton are not much better. Loads of people have told me to get a Worcester Bosch, but my Installer and ultimately the guy who will service this one only recomends fitting Alpha boilers.

Any reasons why I shouldn't go for this one? Any recent bad press? Any Good press?

Help! - Thanks in advance

Fitted many an alpha never had a comeback or anything but reccommends dear but good and very quiet, said to my mate fire it up
then my mate stated its been running for five mins I am a bit mutton
due to age, V impressed with them. twot then said are you going to
brick up the flue outside then. and I taught him

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