Vokera Compact 24 leak

10 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom
Can anyone help me?
I have a leak on my vokera compact 24 boiler. When you take the front off, it's on the left hand side. Like a plastic bung with a tie pin (like a hair grip) holding it in. It seems to be letting drops out very slowly. Can anyone tell me what this part is? (it's under the 'motor'. Sorry- i'm not that clued up.. )

well, any help would be appreciated! I don't want to call out an engineer if i don't know what it is!
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Is there any way that you can take a picture and post it here for us to look at?

thanks Tony-
i'mworking away until wednesday night but will attempt to post a picture onhere on Wednesday, all being well.
Many thanks for your help!
Hello again- thought this picture will show where the leak's coming from. It's a plastic part with a pin holding it in place, and you can see the rustyish drip on it. The motor is in the foreground on the right.

If anyone can help me in identifying what the problem is, i'd appreciate it. No surprise, i'm looking to fix it cheaply myself..
thanks for any help..

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its just one o-ring thats leaking behind the blank.

drain the system and remove the clip. pull out the blank, being careful for any residual water, change the o-ring,refill, bleed boiler/system and thats it.
just noticed the clip is back to front. you may need to bend/cut the case to remove it.
I usually manage on site to remove and clean the "O" ring and socket and push it in again with plenty of silicone grease to lubricate it well if I dont have a spare one with me.

"Back to front" ?

I presume you just mean "pushed in from behind" ?

That might sometimes mean its bent but usually if you withdraw it carefully, you can get it to go straight by pushing it in at the front as long as you lubricate it well!

I've had that one out from that way round, ok with long pliers.

Here are the bits
hey thanks to all of you for your replies. Just want to know now- Is the O ring a standard size, or do i have to oreder one specifically for the compact24?
Manythanks for all of your help
and John, do you know where I can get this part (The O ring) in leeds? many thanks for any suggestions.
Vokera website gives you places were you can get parts from. What part of Leeds are you at?
cheers John, i'll check it out. I'm in Bramley- do you want the work? Might be a bit tricky to do it myself.
Off to check the vokera site. Thanks for the tip!
No problem. if you want to email me your address and tel No. and ill give you a call. email address in my profile.

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