vw golf 1.6tdi 2011 plate battery light coming on

19 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
got the above car, so far the car starts and drives fine, battery red light comes on now and then but goes off when im driving..anyway done a test. checked the battery voltage with multimeter its around 12.4 v when car is not running, when i start the car and check the vltage its around 14.4v....im thinking the battery is not holding charge, seems like the alternator is charging the battery when engine is running but battery not holding the charge....any ideas ? ta
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Hi mate, same here but battery light doesn't come on.
I drive a micra.
I have been to halfords for a free battery check. Ive googled about and may just get a new battery if its 4 years or more. 12.45 is the minimum average. Minez 12.25 which is equal to 50% charge on internet chart.
Btw, i had tbe same trouble with the trim on the drivers door. A car body repair shop re secured the lower horizontal trim and works great. Just charged a fiver
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