VW Golf MK4 1.4 16 Valve

8 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Dear All

I am trying to remove the lower wishbone arm due to the rear Bush being completely disintegrated on both sides!
I cannot get to the Bolt opposite the Ball Joint as it is shrouded by the Sub Frame! Do I have to drop the sub frame just to get at this bolt or is there another way to removing this bolt? Is removel of the sub frame really hard?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hi Andy

Thanks for that and I have seen that video but on my car that Bolt opposite the Ball Joint is shrouded by what I believe is the Sub Frame hence wondering if I really have to drop the sub frame to get to this Bolt?
I've only done a Mk3 golf and a skoda fabia......both will be different to yours.
The bottom joint had to be unbolted in both cases, if I remember.
Personally, I'd head for a garage for this one......the engine (Fabia) had to be supported with a transmission jack and I'd wished I'd never started!
Give us a pic? The rear bush ( that will be the one that runs horizontal) is called a console bush for reasons I've never understood!
John :)
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Have another wee look its probably the bottom plastic engine/transmission cover, no?
You car is a small petrol, so I can't see them fitting an additional sub frame?

Sorry John I didn't see you there ........
My thoughts exactly, Mr. M......I thought that it was only the diesel that used an extra subframe.
Curious.....many VAG models share the same floor pan, but there's also many differences below!
John :)