VW polo low oil pressure warning

8 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom
Have a 1999 VW Polo, 1 litre petrol engine. 90k on clock

The low oil pressure light warning came on suddenly whilst driving today and also a buzzer. The car also felt 'spluttery' and down on power. Managed to get it home to check the oil which was fine. What with the engine being spluttery i didnt think it would be just the oil.

Any ideas guys?

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It wasn't the engine management lamp that came on, was it - the yellow one with a pic of an engine on it?
John :)
only thing i can think of is the oil pressure is low and the hydraulics are not operating correctly which would explain the missing
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The engine needs oil pressure, if it's not a faulty switch (get it checked with an oil pressure gauge) it's an internal engine problem.

Has the engine oil level stayed constant, or do you have to top it up?

Did you drive for long with the warning light on?
Its definetly the low oil pressure warning light that is on (oil can that lights up red) accompanied by a beeping.

Ive more or less parked it up and not driven it because the engine likelly isnt recieving oil.......im thinking oil pump maybe???

The oil level is fine and the car isnt loosing any.

If the pump has a strainer then that could be blocked causing loss of oil pressure. Sump off and check, if nothing else you should beable to change the oil pump from underneath with the sump removed. Having firstly changed the oil pressure switch as the easiest and cheapest option.