Wall plate tie down straps/garage

17 Apr 2015
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United Kingdom
Garage with 2.5m span single door as entire front elevation with no return brickwork either side, just the house wall it abuts, and the garage side wall. Can you omit the wall plate tie down straps in this case, as there’s nothing to fix them to as the garage door opening takes up the entire space underneath? I guess a twisted angled strap would work, but they don’t seem very common.
Shall I smash the wall plate into the existing house wall (along with the lintel below it) to anchor it a bit?
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Smashing idea.

Or use timber for the lintel and plate, and a tray lintel on the front if needed for brickwork.
What about the other end though? Ie the return gable end wall. All I can do is try to build the plate into the return block work, but it’ll only have about 200mm of block holding it back. I’m probably worrying over nothing, might try and source one of those angled restraint strap thingies
Surely that end is bearing on something, so can be strapped to that something?
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Only with a strap where the strappy bit is rotated 90degrees - it bears onto the inner leaf of the side wall, so that’s the only thing it can be strapped to.
Well if its a gable then is it built upon? If not, a standard twisted strap - and they are commonly available.
It’s built upon, but there won’t be much more than a single bricks worth above it, as the brickwork obviously follows the rafter line. Yeah the straight twisted straps are common, but I need one that’s both twisted and bent, so to speak. They exist, but seem pretty rare, which makes me think I’m barking up the wrong tree trying to fit one
Yep, plate goes into the wall at 90degrees. So are we taking about running the strap horizontally across the wall, and the rotated end fixed to the top of the plate? I can’t see how it would ever work vertically in the usual way, as the wall is the adjacent wall.
Thanks for staying with this despite my lack of pics, btw. If I’m still not making sense I’ll draw one.
Or are you saying fix the strap to the face of the plate, rather than the top like you’d normally do?

foto_no_exif (15).jpg
Yep, thanks. I guess I wasn’t sure if it still counted as “tie down” if you’re fixing to the side of it, but I’ll use lots of long nails. Much obliged (y)
Toolstation do them with 150mm after the twist, enough to go up and bend over a 4x2 wall plate.

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