WANTED: Grundfoss Pump Plan UPP15-50 Wiring Centre

31 Aug 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Some years ago Grundfos introduced Pump Plan, a two pump heating system with a wiring centre containing a relay, as an alternative to using the zone valves required by S-plan and Y-plan. This product has been discontinued for some time.

I can replace the dual-pump with two 15-50s or 15-60s but the dedicated wiring centre is no longer available. Can any kind soul provide me with one? Or suggest another wiring centre that contains the relay necessary to independently switch CH and HW, together with connection for the pump overrun?

Many thanks

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I take it your boiler doesn’t have pump overrun?
Hi CBW: Presumably not. But I'm guessing that the planned replacement will.
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Nothing is available off the shelf but a decent fitter will be able to make a version using relays. Personally I'd advise you to get the system updated and upgraded to a modern priority hot water system
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Hi Razor 900: I'd rather stick with 2 pumps. My experience with zone valves in hard water areas has been disappointing - they have repeatedly failed within 2-3 years whereas the pumps have never needed to be replaced. Given the system in this property, acquired last year, probably was installed 20+ years ago and was working fine until the boiler service engineer managed to short-circuit something, if I can't get a replacement wiring centre I'll get someone (else) to install a new condensing (oil) boiler and rig a two pump system with contactors, non-return valves, wireless programmer/thermostat and new TRVs. Less upheaval than fitting zone valves in an old barn conversion with 3-feet thick, unplastered, stone walls and concrete floors :)
If your system is sound then the hardness of water will not be a limiting factor, only if there is constant refilling will the valves be affected.
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If the pump controller has been damaged you should be able to get it repaired by CET or a similar firm.

I do have a new one somewhere but not very sure where. It was quite a clever idea.
Hi Agile,
Many thanks for your uplifting response :)
If I can't find a replacement, I'll try CET. The local sparky took one look at the PCB and reckoned it was beyond repair - components not identifiable, extensive track damage on PCB, etc. So I won't be holding my breath.
If you get bored during the current rain and decide to dig out your new-old-stock one, I'm sure I could make it worth your while :)
Otherwise, I think I'll use two pumps and a couple of contactors to give independent control of DHW/CH rather than go down the zone valve route. Still have to work out how to incorporate a wireless room thermostat, but I'm hoping it's not rocket science for a sparky that hasn't been weaned solely on S-, Z-plan etc.

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