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22 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
Tearing my hair out with this one, can't make sense of it so need your help please !
Modern wash hand basin from Wickes. Hemispherical basin that sits on a wooden table. Tall mixer tap sits behind it, also on the same table. Pop up waste fits onto chrome bottle trap below the surface of the table. To fit, drill a hole for the tape, and a bigger hole for the basin waste to go through.
Fittting the waste, I put a bead of silicon on the rubber washer, offered it to the basin. Another bead of silicon to the underside of the pop-up waste and then fitted that to the basin by tightening up the large plastic nut underneath. Left for 24 hrs. Leak-tested by filling basin and then emptying basin, before sealing basin to table with another bead of silicon.
So what happens now is that when I fill the basin, no leak. When I empty the filled basin, no leak. When I run the tap with the equivalent of the plug out, it dribbles from above where the trap joins the waste. Because of the way the basin is fitted it is difficult to be 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure that water is coming from the table top and then dribblling down the thread of the waste.
I don't understand how this can be, and so am clueless as to how to fix!
My current thought is that I didn't fit a rubber washer to the underside of the basin when tightening up the nut, but I'm assuming that it must be there since I'd get a problem emptying the filled basin(?).
I can't simply take it to bits cos the aforementioned nut sits snugly in the hole cut into the table, and the basin is now sweetly sealed to said table with silicon !
Help please !! (Apologies for the length of the post)
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BAHCO - many thanks for that. I'll try and get the nut off and lob one of those on.
Just for my info, why doesn't it leak when I empty the full basin? Does atmospheric pressure come into play, or is the thing just being sneaky :eek:
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Not got a clue but apply the laws of physics and you will work out the answer. :LOL:

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